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    If Football Is Cancelled

    Exactly where HCMG's ignorant philosophy and people of his ilk have taken us. Thanks to you brave, tough, constitution wrapped, rugged individuals, we are going to miss out on watching a potentially great OSU team make a real run at a Big 12 Title. So while you guys and gals are sitting around...
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    WVU going for preseason herd immunity!

    Speaking of cavalier and not understanding anything about the 21st century. Luckily, someone from Biden's team got with HCMG's people and told him to stay in the basement away from any type of media.
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    This brings up a question. Twice I have been on the road and have seen a cop giving a citation or speaking to a motorist who was still in their car. On both occasions the motorist had a mask on put the cop didn't. Miami just revealed a large quarantine due to a high number of cases among cops...
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    You are right 2020 sucks so why start off 2021 doing the same dumb things that helped make 2020 suck. Does anyone really think a vaccine is going to be approved, produced and administered to the population in 5 months because that is what will have to happen. No, Americans aren't helpless but a...
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    Did it cross your mind that maybe they are concerned about the thousands of people who line the streets for this parade? Didn't cross Governor Stitt's either and look where it got him and our state.
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    Can't Make It Up: OU Now Wants to Play Opener EARLIER

    It's all ridiculous if it can't be done safely but if they are going to go ahead and play then I see it making sense to have that extra time to evaluate the overall situation. I think every team would like to have that luxury and probably should. The NCAA is not known for wise decisions and may...
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    I also remember many on here complaining that wearing masks violated their constitutional rights and told those who were afraid to go out to just stay home. Well, we let you try it your way and it turns out what any reasonable human being already knew. Thanks to the thoughtless, selfish people...
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    Coronavirus pandemic non-socio-political discussions

    "It is tempting to judge those around us who aren't wearing masks, socially distancing etc. But don't. Just don't. Instead, show kindness and understanding. Help normalize masks by wearing yours as a badge of love for mankind." Your posts always seem to be level-headed and informed. I do have...
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    a real chance

    No one buys that load. If it was just another game he would have a better record because look at how well he's done against everyone else. He simply doesn't want people to think it matters so when he loses every year it's easier to cover his bitter disappointment. The fact is, the game is...
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    Not trying to stir anything but how is simply reporting new cases fear-mongering? Each individual can decide what to do with that information. If that information makes them fearful then they will deal with it in their own way and if doesn't worry them they will continue as they always have...
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    No doubt China holds the greatest share of blame but it was virus fearing, mask wearing, freedom loving Americans who destroyed 70 covid testing sites. A paradox of biblical proportions. Freedom without responsibility to others is anarchism.
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    Thank you for your well reasoned response and for being such a good listener. (mods, this is going well I think.)
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    Is anyone surprised by the uptick in cases? All you have to do is look around at the carelessness and thoughtlessness of those around you. Stores packed, some masked, others not. Braums restaurant in Tulsa, not one employee wearing a mask when they serve you. Won't go back. People thought...
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    OSU Men's Basketball banned from postseason for 2020-21

    We have to remember that by tournament time, if there is justice in the world there will be several teams sitting out "The Dance." We also have to remember there are a lot of really good teams who have also had great recruiting classes. A top ten recruiting class does not guarantee a great...
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    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    Let's hope they have better techniques now than bloodletting. Based on the article in USA Today below it doesn't sound like bringing them in early was all that great of an idea because now they are saying stay away. "Additionally, freshman players who were initially scheduled to move in this...