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  1. Carneyman14

    Wright State Baseball series

    As a hat guy...I really really want New Era hats. I like our logo better than Wright State, but damn I hate nike's shoddy bill.
  2. Carneyman14

    Wrestling Needs YOU on Sunday vs. Iowa. 2pm. Cheap Tickets. BE THERE!

    Yeah losing the dual would suck, but if I pick one match, I want domination by Fix on DeSanto
  3. Carneyman14

    New OC thread

    I dunno if I can swing being a Vikings and Packers fan.
  4. Carneyman14

    New OC thread

  5. Carneyman14

    New OC thread

    Tim Albin....
  6. Carneyman14

    Fall Baseball

    #16 in Collegiate Baseball poll...
  7. Carneyman14

    Should OU drop wrestling?

    Is Herp Derp still cool?
  8. Carneyman14

    Anyone notice Andre Williams next to Sutton last night?

    Gotta be getting close to ....