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Jan 30, 2015 at 5:45 PM
Oct 14, 2004
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Yukon, OK
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Deputy, from Yukon, OK

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    1. Kelsie
      Hi Casdas, I'm Kelsie Lauer with Oklahoma State's homecoming steering committee. I'm in charge of designing all the promotional pieces this year. I've seen some of the photos/layout spreads of various OSU events throughout the years, & I was wondering if you would like to help me out on a project I'm working on. If you could email me at kelsie.lauer@okstate.edu, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
    2. Breck Nolen
      Breck Nolen
      Could I get a high resolution photo of the medallion Cowboy Pro Am 1980 from your collection. I am trying to get a good pic of that skinny swinging Pete. (my son is on the oSu golf team)
    3. OklaStateU
      Hi Casdas, I'm looking for some OSU football game photos for the 5-year span of 1967 - 1971 for a little research project I'm working on. I've scanned all of the photos from the media guides, yearbooks and the fanbase.com website, but I was wondering if you had any others that you could share with me? Please let me know when you get a chance and thank you in advance!
    4. orangeness
      do you have any good campus maps from the 70s-90s that show a view of Crutchfield Hall?
      1. casdas
        Are you looking for a map - or something like an aerial photo - or just more of a photo of the building itself?
        Dec 17, 2013
    5. greensooner
      Casdas, I posted a thread asking about a former player and your name got brought up as someone might know. Do you know anything about Verne P. Miller, LB 1965-1967. Looking for some pictures to frame and/or stories about him to give him as a gift. If you know anything about him, it would be greatly appreciated!!! He's a guy I used to work with and liked a lot and it would be greatly appreciated.
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