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  1. CJ4oSu

    Wallace - no targets

    Injuries ultimately kept Wes from reaching his full potential. Also, the situation at Illinois wasn't the best either. He had 3 different head coaches the 3 years he played there. Would've been interesting to see what he could've done with Monken for 4 years... and also stayed healthy.
  2. CJ4oSu

    Dunn is in over his head

    Part of good coaching is keeping your team from making mistakes. Especially the same ones over and over. They were the most penalized team in the country last year and if they keep this up, they will be again. That's bad coaching. Tylan struggled because we didn't give him a chance. He doesn't...
  3. CJ4oSu

    Kansas game time Announced

    Nope, reduced inventory makes this possible. They only have Big 12 and ACC games to put on ABC at the moment without the PAC and B1G... I guess AAC games as well. The "or" game is North Carolina-BC, so if BC wins this week I'd expect that one to get the ABC slot and push us to ESPN. Although...
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Golden Tropical Depression edition

    It's too bad he couldn't decide pre-snap that man coverage with no safety over the top is an automatic pass to Tylan.
  5. CJ4oSu

    Dunn is in over his head

    Some years it was better, some years it was worse. He also never had the luxury of having a consistently good O-line, like the others did.
  6. CJ4oSu

    Thomas To Become Inaugural Inductee Into OSU Football Ring of Honor

    I would bet they've had this planned for a while(ordering uniforms, etc...) and had it approved before the schedule was re-worked. The game just moved from November to September.
  7. CJ4oSu

    So it was Gundy . . . . .

    Ryan Day runs that offense. He got a raise and is presumably calling the plays for the first time in his D1 career at Texas now.
  8. CJ4oSu

    Players opting out

    Several people were high on him and thought he could be a second or third round pick depending on the season he had this year. He probably still gets drafted, but definitely not that high now.
  9. CJ4oSu

    How is OSU football gonna work...

    Not being able to afford(or procure) the tests is 100% why the smaller conferences decided against having a season. Allegedly that and test accuracy are some of the reasons the B1G and PAC 12 decided not to play as well.
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    How is OSU football gonna work...

    I didn't say they were good plans, just that they had them.
  11. CJ4oSu

    How is OSU football gonna work...

    Apparently the PiPhis were hot in the 90s... Good discussion you've stimulated here.
  12. CJ4oSu

    How is OSU football gonna work...

    I don't know the answers and I would bet nobody else on here does either. However, common sense would suggest that the university and conference leaders have already thought of all of this and have plans in place should they occur. So, unless one of them is posting here, you're probably not...
  13. CJ4oSu

    How is OSU football gonna work...

    The people who make decisions have considered those complications and have plans in place should they occur. Coincidentally, those same people aren't posting on Orange Power dot com. Could be why you're not getting the answers you want.
  14. CJ4oSu

    OSU full revised schedule released

    Had to compensate for the additional bye weeks.