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  1. crimsonhater

    Wrestling Recruiting and Lineups Moving Forward

    Stability is HUGE. Some of our issues late 2000s after our big run was stability. DWIs, fights, kids quitting etc. This current group is not only elite but also a solid group of high character men! All the way up the lineup is a solid group of role models! Makes it fun to cheer and bring kids to...
  2. crimsonhater

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    Similar to Justice. Not as big but just as shifty. Very very strong for his size. By watching his videos you can tell the balance and elusiveness is there. Will be a great asset with a very high ceiling!
  3. crimsonhater

    Summer League Baseball 2019

    Could Stone be a set up man to Leeper or vice versa? He had a great inning or two late in the season maybe vs TCU?
  4. crimsonhater

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU OSU prospect with this INSAAAANE catch! HCMG in attendance watching Gunnar the Pioneers and this SportsCenter #1 play! Playing at a 7on7 in Arkansas
  5. crimsonhater

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    Consistency has been bad IMO. We beat ranked conf teams then lose 2 out of 3 to KU or KState or ORU sweeps us. Teams in the top 8 play pretty darn consistent all year. They may have a handful or bad games but even teams like Coastal Carolina or CSF or teams like that man when they are 45-10 it...
  6. crimsonhater

    Preseason All Big 12

    What does Title 9 have to do with assault?? Seems like a weird connection
  7. crimsonhater

    Who's gonna start at QB?

    I have heard Spencer will be the starter. The only hesitation from coaches is when he tries too hard to improvise and breaks off the play trying to extend it. He gets over anxious to make the big play instead of the safe play. It will take a lot of learning and experience but with his legs and...
  8. crimsonhater

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    was inferring that he came from BTW where they have a long line of NFL players. Not many schools in the Midwest can claim that many guys who’ve gone to the NFL. Bixby has definitely transformed him and put him on this platform. Bixby seems to be the new championship kid on the block. It would be...
  9. crimsonhater

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU

    He’s from Booker T and moved into Bixby a couple yrs ago. Think of all the BTW kids... And you can add Justice and soon Dax. Bixby has sent 4 to OSU with Presley as a possible 5 in the last 3 yrs...impressive local programs with head coaches off the Coach Trimble coaching tree!
  10. crimsonhater

    OSU going to just one logo

    Sounds boring to me. We trying to be like ou and bama and just have a home and away uniform? How can u possibly create cool uniforms with a 1990s looking logo with not much creativity. I love the the 1980s oSu logo
  11. crimsonhater

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    Are kids just more sensitive these days? In other sports if you don’t perform or miss class or make errors or wear the wrong uniform your ass goes to the bench! I can’t imagine a HC belittling a 20yo man so much that they want to transfer or can’t take it anymore, but I could be wrong? I have...
  12. crimsonhater

    Football 2020 LB Brynden Walker

    So after two visits and pulling one of his friends scholarships he decommits and commits to ou. Awesome. Just awesome.
  13. crimsonhater

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    Are you related to a player? You sound very close to the program and opinionated about Coach V. I wonder if James didn’t like Josh walking all over him? James I’ve heard has the personality to be a great hitting coach but if the HC is limiting what you were brought in to do it might create...
  14. crimsonhater

    Football 2020 Ath Brennan Presley Committed to OSU