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    November 11 temperature records

    I like to catch the weather broadcast on November 11 because the record high temperature and the record low temperature for that date, this is for Oklahoma City, were set on the same day in 1911. The temperature had reached 83 that day when a cold front blew in and dropped the thermometer to 17...
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    Heating a tent

    I used to know a man who served in WW2 and was stationed in Alaska. He told once about sleeping out when they were out on maneuvers. Said the sleeping bags they were issued would keep them warm but they had to undress before getting in them so as not to sweat in their clothes. That was the worst...
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    Blackwell man claims church members held him down to pray away his homosexuality

    I was in Blackwell this afternoon but the guys I talked to didn't know much, had read about it online like I had. I don't know anything about this church but I could tell from the pictures it isin one of the old outlet mall buildings by the interstate. Living in neighboring Newkirk I know the...
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    the ESPN + thread

    Wouldn't bother me if all of the home games were in the evening.
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    15 Year Member

    Had to check and saw I passed 15 years myself last month. All that really means is I managed to survive this world for 15 years. I'll be more impressed with myself if I manage to survive the next 15 years.
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    I really liked those 3 movies, just saw Wind River a couple weeks ago. Didn't realize Taylor Sheridan was involved with Yellowstone also. Haven't watched it, it's not on HULU.
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    Human Composting

    $500 for the composting, $5000 to keep the neighborhood varmints from digging you up during the process.
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    Human Composting

    When I was in China with the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program in 2008, we saw some humps out in some fields. Our guide told us they were where the peasant farmers had laid their dead and covered them with dirt and plant residue. He said the practice was being discouraged by the government in favor...
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    RIP Tim Conway

    "The Longshot" was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, Jonathan Winters even had a small part.
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    I got to watching a police detective show from Canada called Cardinal. It's shown on HULU here in the US. Anyone else seen it?
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    This! (is a thread political in nature about racism and sports)

    Prejudice and bigotry are basic human emotions that aren't going to disappear. Racism is just one form of them. I think we all need to look in a mirror once in awhile to judge ourselves and our particular biases.
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    Tulsa County Property Tax question

    All of the vo-techs across the state are supported by ad valorem taxes.
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    Facilities/Construction Update

    No, the old one is still there.
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    Facilities/Construction Update

    I heard the area between the Noble Research Center and the power plant is a proposed location for a new Ag Hall.