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    Theory: The NCAA is Making an Example of OSU, Just Not the Way We All Think

    I think the NCAA is embarrassed the FBI uncovered this and dumped it in their lap, so now they are trying to make up for it. I would think these other schools would have good reason to be worried.
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    City of Stillwater thread

    The Ponca City paper went to mail delivery a year or 2 ago. Sucks for sports coverage. Delivery of the Sunday edition used to be delayed during football season because they waited for the college scores to come in before they printed. Now you don't see the college games coverage until the...
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    Unable to purchase

    I heard the local brothels were closed but I haven't visited one to see if that is true.
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    Your "Stay at Home" name

    Cheese tiger
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    NCAA grants year of eligibility back to spring sports athletes

    Bumping this thread back up, at this point in time there's really no guarantee of a college football season this fall. At least, apparently that's what is being said by some people. That would certainly change the financial equation of extending scholarships. Hope we don't see that but making...
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    NCAA grants year of eligibility back to spring sports athletes

    Supposing they do increase scholarship limits, has anyone thought about what that will do to athletic department budgets when they are likely already going to face lower revenues. Not every school has deep pockets.
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    Farmers Fight John Deere

    I keep saying Deere is going to price us farmers out of business.
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    Can OU please just go a couple of months without getting in the news....

    What exactly is the Black Emergency Response Team?
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    Rising Tides?

    I'm not sure how planting trees is going to help the climate. Other plants absorb CO2 also, actively growing grass releases considerably more oxygen per acre than trees do. Maybe if you tear out some parking lots and plant them to trees, that will help.
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    Rising Tides?

    I didn't catch the whole segment but they didn't mention them while I was watching.
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    Rising Tides?

    There was a segment on 60 Minutes this evening about the Australian fires and climate change. Of course it was 60 Minutes so there was no bias in the reporting.:whistle:
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    BPS Seat Reconfiguration

    I thought I said, I can't understand him, the guy with the roving mic. Couldn't understand the guy before him. Being loud just for the sake of being loud isn't entertaining to me. Personally I'm there to watch the game, not be entertained every second I'm in the building. I like a break when...
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    BPS Seat Reconfiguration

    2. I can never understand the loudmouth with the traveling microphone. All he does is hurt my ears. 3. Yes, PLEASE KILL THE KISS CAM!
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    November 11 temperature records

    I like to catch the weather broadcast on November 11 because the record high temperature and the record low temperature for that date, this is for Oklahoma City, were set on the same day in 1911. The temperature had reached 83 that day when a cold front blew in and dropped the thermometer to 17...
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    Heating a tent

    I used to know a man who served in WW2 and was stationed in Alaska. He told once about sleeping out when they were out on maneuvers. Said the sleeping bags they were issued would keep them warm but they had to undress before getting in them so as not to sweat in their clothes. That was the worst...