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    Ranked 21 in AP and 25 in Amway!!!

    An 0-12 SEC team is definitely Top 25 material!
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    Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone Vacation

    Wind Cave is very close to Mount Rushmore. It is a fascinating cave even if you have very little interest in caves. If you are driving east to west as you go to Mount Rushmore you can drive through the Badlands. In Cody Wyoming there is an excellent museum that preserves American Indian and...
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    Price ?-Buying Used Car from dealer

    Car Guru web site will give you a lot of information. You tube videos are good for understanding the negotiation process.
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    I-40 East Driving Vacation Recommendations

    At Ozark, Arkansas, turn north on highway 23 to go to Turner Bend. It is a very scenic drive to the store. The store has rental cabins, campgrounds and canoes. It sits on the Mulberry River. After you cross the Mississippi River at Memphis go to the River park and walk across the Mississippi...
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    OSU Regional Moved to Oklahoma City

    U Conn was a very good team. They played well. We can be happy we beat a very solid team. We played well tonight. That was a great college game. There was a very nice bunt in our half of the sixth or seventh that set the table. I forgot to second guess that one.