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  1. HokiePokie

    Spencer Sanders Injured?

    Just because a dumpster has water in it doesn't mean you have to drink out of it.
  2. HokiePokie

    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    OU already beat Texas so that doesn’t even make sense. All I’m saying is Bama is still one of the best teams and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see them make it.
  3. HokiePokie

    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    LSU had the ball in the 4th quarter and scored. I don't think you can honestly say that OU would beat Bama at this point. Bama lost by 5 to arguably the best team in the country. Lets call a spade a spade, OU "should" have 2 losses right now and I think a lot of people would agree with that. I...
  4. HokiePokie

    Current RB order on the team

    Hoping we get to see some Dezmon Jackson this weekend. Juco guy that played for Hutch I think. Was injured most of camp and should be ready to go I hope.
  5. HokiePokie

    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    I mean I get it, but I won't be surprised if they still get in somehow. I can't honestly say I'd take a 1 loss conference champ in Oregon over a 1 loss non conference champ Bama. ND isn't even in a conference (I know their schedule has some big names on it) but they made it last year and look...
  6. HokiePokie

    Week 11 Big 12 Power Rankings

    Bama made the CFP before when they weren’t conference champs...
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    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    I know its a little hard to read. On Bryce Thompson's Instagram story he put up a picture of Cade and himself that says "5 *'s Cade Cunningham and Bryce Thompson will take an unofficial visist to Oklahoma State together this weekend"
  8. HokiePokie

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread Pretty much what we all expected.
  9. HokiePokie

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread Bryce is announcing his final four schools today.
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    Tylan injured

    This might be a bit more reliable. Tough break.
  11. HokiePokie

    Tylan injured

    Makes sense. Apologies.
  12. HokiePokie

    Tylan injured

    Looks like Tylan is listed on the Depth Chart for this week.
  13. HokiePokie

    2020 Juco DE Tyren Irby Committed to OSU

    You got it, buster.
  14. HokiePokie

    Football 2020 LB Jabar Triplet

    Considering we've gotten 2 DT recruits within the last week......