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    Football Changes that MUST be made

    Of the past 10 years how much was Boone and how much was Gundy?
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    Football Changes that MUST be made

    The train wreck is being put back on the track for the same thing to happen again. Year after year same hype with same result. We don’t even have a respectable RB if Chuba leaves. Our secondary was hot and cold all year. Kicking game = horrible. We’re never going to get to the top just not gonna...
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    Coach Dunn to UNLV

    Can't keep recruits, can't keep players, can't keep coaches, can't keep fans. What gives?
  4. J

    Bedlam Wrestling

    Were those refs really college qualified? I was very surprised at some of their calls. Hope they don't ref in Stillwater where the crowd knows more than they apparently do. Good showing for the Pokes. Saw some Cowboy attitude in a few of the matches. Can't wait to see Gfeller and Smith if...
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    Thanks Mike but your tractor is stuck deep in the mud and things will never change with you gunning the motor and sinking deeper. You've hit your stride and things won't go forward unfortunately. If the University wants to continue to pay you mega bucks to go to the Texas Bowl with the bare...
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    We were doomed from the first "run into the brick wall" play that any eight grade coach could smell. Nice job Jackie Gleason!
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    Cowboys vs. Beavers Score prediction thread

    The Beav's say there's "no doubt that they are better on defense" and there's "reason to believe they are improved on offense as well". They say if the Beav's can hang in their for a half that maybe it will be to late for the Pokes to rise to the challenge of the second half. They feel they have...
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    Early Predictions of Cowboy Schedule

    The offense should be a lot of fun to watch and put a lot of points on the board. Good riddance Yurshitz first & goal, 2nd & goal, 3rd & goal, try a field goal approach in the red zone. But the defense is very questionable at the least and may be, once again, responsible for losing a few games...
  9. J

    Signing Day

    Florida blows out Michigan! Wish I would have had the opportunity to sign with 'Bama!
  10. J

    Bama vs OU

    Congrats Tide, you did what we should have!
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    Signing Day

    Looks like we might be ready for Western Illinois in 2020 unless we have a Central Michigan day. Our coaches should get raises for a great recruiting job!
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    Football 2019 OL Taylor Miterko Committed to OSU

    Yikes! 47th nationally so far!
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    Lots Of Coaching Changes in the NCAA

    Could Venables build a D that the Big 12 isn't used too? Could he take over HC when HCMG retires in a few years? He could bring a lot to the table that we don't have at the moment. Or do we wait 3-4 years and then decide we were wrong again? Solution?
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    Bedlam Wrestling, Sunday at 12:30 pm

    The goons have a team point deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct! Imagine that? Great Job Pokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Grier Sitting Out WVU Bowl Game

    Wait 'till PAY FOR PLAY comes. The players will tell the coaches what they will and won't do! Degree? What's a degree?