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  1. King Poke

    It's Official Trump Was The Cause of Iowa Problems. LOL

    Not sure if porn name or minor Star Wars character.
  2. King Poke

    Tweet of the Day

    I remember seeing White Settlement, Tx on a map for the first time and thinking if something newsworthy happens there that Twitter would turn into an absolute shit show.
  3. King Poke

    Tweet of the Day

    These are the people who had never heard of the Electoral College until Trump v Hillary.
  4. King Poke

    Medical Students Fall Short on Blood Pressure Check Challenge

    Had a doc appt this morning and the nurse was getting flustered with the BP machine. When she finally got it started it inflated and inflated and inflated, etc. to the point the cuff Velcro gave way and it blew itself off my arm and into the floor. Pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to...
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    Tweet of the Day

  6. King Poke

    Tweet of the Day

    Tish should have been considered, but maybe it was too heavily defended.
  7. King Poke

    Silly Picture Thread

    If it involves deep throating like that l, then yes. Repeat the action again. And again.
  8. King Poke

    Tweet of the Day

    Time for Lebron to hire someone with a clue to run his twitter.
  9. King Poke

    Bernie having health issues

    Looks like the pool of Dem candidates might be thinning.
  10. King Poke

    Tweet of the Day

    I was hoping grandma had a can of pepper spray in her purse.
  11. King Poke

    Tweet of the Day

    Hogg is worried his 15 minutes have ended.
  12. King Poke

    House(Senate) expected to (not)Impeach Trump ??..announcement at 3pm CST

    Yeah, that could bite Biden in the ass. Plenty of people who know nothing about his son are about to become more informed.
  13. King Poke

    Silly Picture Thread

    Three possibilities here. 1. This is a cover for selling meth. 2. If you stop here you’ll never be seen again. (Can be combined with #1) 3. The best darn zookeene, taters and maters you ever tasted.
  14. King Poke

    Adrian Peterson SMH

    Mine’s displaying completely different. No forum name.