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  1. marshmo


    Four notices of people filing for benefits on me today. This is getting annoying.
  2. marshmo


    I thought the form said call this number if you dispute by such and such date. I hope my rate doesn't go up. I'll check.
  3. marshmo


    I've got one so far, about a month ago. Left a message at the number on the form. Never heard anything back.
  4. marshmo


    I may have read you wrong. I was thinking he was going down hill and this may be one of the last opportunities.
  5. marshmo


    Get that man to the sea. Seriously, go. We have postponed a trip to Seattle for the third time since this started in March. Supposed to go end of the month but I don't know how these riots will play out.
  6. marshmo

    The Market Thread

    I bought 200 shares of Halliburton for $5.30 in late March. It's a little over $12 today. Wish I would've bought more.
  7. marshmo

    Stern Wants Trump to Resign

    I'm kind of on the fence about renewing Howard this December. He seems to be getting more and more political and his show is not where I go for politics. It's like a musician getting political when all you want is a song. Interviews and replay of older stuff are what keep me around. Also, Sal...
  8. marshmo

    Crude Oil Collapses - Again

    This stuff here worries me more than the virus. Sorry, but it does. Some times all your options are bad, we need to get out from under the bed, start making some tough calls and get this baby going again.
  9. marshmo


    Holy hell, your avatar looks like Gundy.
  10. marshmo


    This was me with baseball. I was counting down the days for O'Brate to open up.
  11. marshmo

    O’Brate Stadium Receiving Finishing Touches

    Then I'm way up there.
  12. marshmo

    O’Brate Stadium Receiving Finishing Touches

    I'm pretty low on the pole to pick my seats. Looks like there might not be a bad seat in the house.
  13. marshmo

    A/V subscription issues

    Did you get any answers? I paid on Sunday and was wondering how long it takes to get in.
  14. marshmo

    Someone let me know...

    Yep, just a football game. People are doing the same thing you are: yapping on the internet about it. It's a sports board, emotions run high.