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  1. OSU79

    This weeks Polls

    I'm afraid Nike money/publicity and a few good seasons put them ahead of us in the eyes of the general public and pollsters. I certainly don't think of them as a "blue blood," but I fear recent history favors them in too many eyes.
  2. OSU79

    2020 election thread

    Starting in January, lasting 3 months. Probably resulting, at most, in a House censure of some type.
  3. OSU79

    2020 election thread

    Yeah, my millennial ex-co-worker got an MBA this year from Darden Business School (at UVA) to go along with his BS in Chemical Engr. from 0u. He was very disappointed with his $130k starting salary. (don't y'all start thinking I actually agree with you)
  4. OSU79

    2020 election thread

    Wow - that's far fewer cops per capita than you see at your average antifa peaceful protest, yet not one looter or business on fire. Weird.
  5. OSU79

    10/24 - Baylor @ Texas

    ^^^^ This. Beyond that the commissioner or a very small committee should have been granted the power to move a game, i.e. making texass play us last weekend if it kept 12/12 open in case a later game needed to be rescheduled.
  6. OSU79

    This weeks Polls

    Should. But that half paperclip is worrisome. Eye test, etc.
  7. OSU79

    OSU is a 3.5 favorite opening...

    If KHP or AB can get a good solid chuck on Kolar before he gets into his routes it will work wonders for our pass rush. That especially needs to happen any time we blitz. If we blitz but allow Purdy to bail out to Kosar it could be trouble, but like you, I think we'll be fine. I'm starting to...
  8. OSU79

    Game Dates

    Just evil enough that it might work.....
  9. OSU79

    Big-12 Title picture...

    UH OH!!!!!! @Nolaeer meltdown alert!!!!
  10. OSU79

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    This made me chuckle (as opposed to lol!) because the post itself is the answer to the question it poses: so many of us enjoyed at least some wrestling while we were at OSU, but it's not popular enough nationally to casually follow. I personally had a small resurgence of interest a few years...
  11. OSU79

    Game Dates

    Where are the pictures? Came to this thread looking for a date for the game. For a friend.....
  12. OSU79

    2020 election thread

    I know nothing about the Daily Mail, but that's quite an article.
  13. OSU79

    Football Tailgating 2020

    We tailgated outside one of our kids' apartment, very much scaled down from normal. One 12x12 tent instead of 2 @ 10x20, no TV, no grill. 10 people at max, 6-8 most of the time. Only finger foods. Only the bar was the same.
  14. OSU79

    OSU tried to find a replacement game for Baylor

    1. Maybe that was Holder's "attempting to schedule," asking the conference if it was ok, conference said no, case closed. 2. You are 100% correct.
  15. OSU79

    New Era

    Speak for yourself.