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  1. osutoothdoctor

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    This schedule can not be correct. oSu baseball, as a general rule, does not start conference play at home. Must be a mistake by the big 12. :whistle::rolleyes:;)
  2. osutoothdoctor

    Baseball v Central Ark

    Seems like the coaches don't even care about the midweek games. I mean, who lets a pitcher give up 7 runs in one inning without pulling them?
  3. osutoothdoctor

    OSU baseball at DodgerTown Classic

    Every time he comes out of the pen he gives up multiple runs. I’m not sure why Rob is so in love with him. If we have to rely on him, and he doesn’t improve drastically, it’s gonna be a long season.
  4. osutoothdoctor

    OSU baseball at DodgerTown Classic

    We look like the bad news bears. Colin needs to DH. He is not a good defensive catcher.
  5. osutoothdoctor

    Baseball vs UALR

    Yea, Dustin Williams worked on that for 3 years. Never helped.
  6. osutoothdoctor

    New coaches thread

    I hope you're right but you may not be:
  7. osutoothdoctor

    New OC thread

    2009. This was the last year of Gundy calling plays. We finished the season scoring 0 against uo and 7 against Ole Miss. We only eclipsed 40 two times that season and that was against Rice and Grambling State. Those two games helped raise our scoring average for the season to 28. If not for...
  8. osutoothdoctor

    New OC thread

    If he is being hired as the OC then it is an underwhelming hire. If he is the QB coach and one of the current staff-members is the OC then it is not as underwhelming but he was a grad assistant 2 years ago.. To help put that in perspective JW was a grad assistant 2 years ago. I love JW but...
  9. osutoothdoctor

    Cowboy Baseball in the Polls 12/18/18

    Pitching pays the bills. Here's to hoping we don't get hit by the injury bug like we have in recent years.
  10. osutoothdoctor

    Fall Baseball

    Just saw this on twitter. What's the rub?
  11. osutoothdoctor

    Should OU drop wrestling?

    Don't they have 7 in each?
  12. osutoothdoctor

    Post-season fan mini survey

    My dad always told me that if everyone else thinks something but you think something different then maybe you should investigate to see if you are correct or not. I think the reality of Gundy is probably somewhere in the middle of our fan base's thoughts but there is no denying that he did not...
  13. osutoothdoctor

    Who thinks Yurcich is leaving?

    My problem with Yurcich is that I will tell my girlfriend the play we are going to run before we run it and I'm usually correct. I don't have computer generated tendencies in front of me or anything. That's how predictable he is.
  14. osutoothdoctor

    JD King to transfer

    I didn't say anything about work ethic.
  15. osutoothdoctor

    JD King to transfer

    I would say yes if it weren't for the fact that we are 6-5 I do think there is something going on. It may be as simple as people see someone else do it and think it is the answer to all their problems. I think Gundy is right. The liberals taking over our country have convinced everyone that...