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    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    They only put a hold on the freshmen arriving. Very little chance of these guys playing meaningful minutes, so let them stay home for now. Had everyone tested negative, they could have brought them in too. Have the players you need there. That is just smart.
  2. Pistolp

    That didn’t take long. Player tests positive for Covid

    We need to remember the protocols were put in to place to slow the spread of the virus, not prevent it. Also, community testing by UCLA and Stanford med schools in their respective counties determined that far more people have had the the virus and carry the anti-bodies than were estimated -...
  3. Pistolp

    Mount Rushmore of OSU Coaches

    Part of the issue that needs to be considered - I think it is much harder to win a NC in some sports than others because of the number of quality players required and the number of competing programs. Football takes the most players while golf and basketball take the least, fewer competing...
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    Facebook - account disabled

    Facebook takes your information and sells it. Technological "soylent green". Don't know if this still works: but several years ago, before I closed the account I experimented. I put my location/address Ethiopia and later a couple of other third world countries. I began to get popup ads on web...
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    Facebook - account disabled

    You're a young man.
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    Facebook - account disabled

    I shut down and disabled my account years ago and don't regret it. My wife still has an account to keep up with the kids, and she has shown my a few pics of kids and grand kids. Otherwise I don't think I missed a thing I would have been interested in. I'm not anti-technology; just don't like...
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    Tesla Tulsa?

    Austin has its problems. I think Tulsa has a legitimate shot at this.
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    Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

    My son Chuck went to OSU in the very early 2000's. While a student he worked at the Hideaway and got his hair cut at the barber shop on West University in the Campus Corner area. "Whispering Richard" Danel was the barber there, but at the time he was just "the barber" to my son. One day while he...
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    Pat Forde

    Agreed. They are gradually moving closer to Gundy's date.
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    Football 2021 JUCO TE Quentin Moore

    Article from the UW website w/ interview. Sounds like Mom is a big UW fan: I would love to have him on our team, but it could be an uphill battle.
  11. Pistolp

    2020 FOOTBALL depth chart (best guess)

    Starters are pretty much set . Outside of the starter at each position, which position might potentially have the most shakeup by the start of the season. RB?
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    TCU talks w/ Bama about back up game if week 1 PAC-12 opponents cancel

    We've finished the season ranked 20th or higher 7 of the last 15 seasons and in the top ten 2 seasons. So we've had a "couple of occasional top 10 finishes" and we are more like a top 25 than a 20-30 forever.
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    Football 2021 LB Collin Oliver Committed to OSU

    So far 2 of the top 10 recruits out of Oklahoma. Excellent.
  14. Pistolp

    Football 2021 RB Jaden Nixon Committed to OSU

    RB, possibly a slot receiver, and returns. Nothing wrong with that - what you are referring to is not how Tyreek was used position wise, but that he should have had more touches per game.
  15. Pistolp

    Football 2021 RB Jaden Nixon Committed to OSU

    He doesn't quite have Tyreek Hill speed, but close. I see us using him in a similar fashion.