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  1. Poke Flyfisher

    OSU tried to find a replacement game for Baylor

    I say let’s just cancel the rest of the regular season and declare ourselves conference champions and eligible for the national playoffs!
  2. Poke Flyfisher

    College Football Polls Week 5

    And LSU is not even the best team in Louisiana. Has that ever happened before? 2020 is quite the year. Maybe our year to win the conference title. ISU probably saying the same thing.
  3. Poke Flyfisher

    College Football Polls Week 5

    A lot of you are kind of jumping the gun. Top 10 defense? Really? Who have we played yet? Time will tell but we still have some big games to go.
  4. Poke Flyfisher

    College Football Polls Week 4

    Underestimate ou at your own peril. They are still really good. Just had a bad quarter and KSU was their wake up call. Still a top contender for the conference title.
  5. Poke Flyfisher

    Your "First-10" Ring of Honor Nominees?

    The next five in order should be Barry, Terry, Leslie, Fenimore and Moore. And let’s not forget Ernest Anderson and eventually Walt Garrison who was a trifecta Cowboy (OSU, Dallas & Rodeo)
  6. Poke Flyfisher

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Couch Burning edition

    For these of you down on our OC and play calling, remember we have a true freshman running things. Also why would want to show the contenders in our league our entire play book? Give our all time winningest HC some credit for developing a strategy for the entire season! Play calling shouldn’t...
  7. Poke Flyfisher

    Your "First-10" Ring of Honor Nominees?

    On Terry Miller, you omitted that he was also a Heisman runner-up and two time finalists for that award. Fans also seem to forget that Terry was our first national super star running back!
  8. Poke Flyfisher

    What OSU Basketball means to you...

    Not as much as it used to. I was a season ticket holder for 25 years before Ford finally did me in and now I maybe attend 1 or 2 games each year. I attended both of Eddie's Final Fours and lived and died with each win and loss. I hope MB can somehow recharge my excitement for basketball...
  9. Poke Flyfisher

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    I don't think that really comes into play. If we have an opportunity to get Monken, we can always demote someone to be an analyst or find some other role within the athletic department.
  10. Poke Flyfisher

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    Every conference needs to have their own KU in football.
  11. Poke Flyfisher

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Anybody who thinks this will be an easy game for us hasn't done their homework on A&M. There's a reason they'll be favored. They've had some tough losses against some highly ranked teams. I don't like this match-up, especially if Sanders and Hubbard don't play.
  12. Poke Flyfisher

    Big 12 bowl games.

    One thing Gundy has really been good at is winning bowl games, but I don't like our chances in this one, especially if we don't have Sanders and Hubbard.
  13. Poke Flyfisher

    Big 12 bowl games.

    [ Maybe occasionally it would be interesting to play former league foe, but this is the fourth time they've done that to us, plus this will be like a home game for the Aggies. This is getting old. Has OSU ever played Notre Dame? Now that would have been fun.
  14. Poke Flyfisher

    Big 12 bowl games.

    Damn, another boring matchup with a former league team. Missouri twice, Colorado, now A&M. Seems like just another regular season game in the old Big XII. Getting a crack at the Irish would have been sweet.