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    Mr. President

    you're forgiven
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    We live in the Upside Down

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    Where we post stories about how great this movement is doing...

    Just wanted to drop in and say this is an interesting thread on both sides of the coin. Very interesting to hear all these different viewpoints and what not (pat Jones voice) . And its been pretty civil too , which is nice. Anyway, carry on.
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    Reason to bet on WVU to win hoops title

    Nice L today by the Neers lol
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    Knowles and Our Defensive Evolution

    What @osucowboy79 said. I made sure and did my research on this and like they said the roster has him as a junior. I did not know that about Henry though, that is fantastic!
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    Knowles and Our Defensive Evolution

    He should change his handle in here to "HereComesBullsh**" :innocent::D:p
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    Knowles and Our Defensive Evolution

    A lot of good, young talented players on this defense. This whole team in general is young but the D will only lose 1 starter in Green after this season and a few good, rotational pieces in Henry, Balous and Mike Scott but the really good core that is blossoming before our eyes will be back and...
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    Bedlam game 7pm kickoff

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    Sanders best running QB since Tony Lindsey?

    I'd still go with ZRob. he had nealy 1800 yards and 22 career td's on a career 4.4 average. ran for 850 yards on 6.1 ypc with 9 tds. Butttt, like someone said the sample size is too small and he definitely could become the best running qb we've had. He's got great potential.
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    Why didnt we see Jahmyl Jeter?

    thank ya sir. redshirt year will do him good then I hope.
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    Israel Antwine

    5 pretty good players missing from our defense. If we get them all back I'll feel better about it. Im a little nervous Bundage's back injury may keep him out for a long while
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    Why didnt we see Jahmyl Jeter?

    That, in no way answered the question.
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    Israel Antwine

    ahh, I was wondering why I didn't see him out there. Jernigan got a ton of reps. I think he has potential.
  14. RedRoss

    Why didnt we see Jahmyl Jeter?

    what about that highly touted freshman Glass? or that JUCO kid Jackson? I hope we have more depth than this or Chuba will wear down by week 8 Having said that, I should calm down cuz its week 1 lol