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    A/V subscription issues

  2. snuffy

    OSU reviews Hubbard pic

    Because the post you quoted was deleted for cussing, it deletes both.
  3. snuffy

    OSU reviews Hubbard pic

    Correction: OSU is, not the NCAA.
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    Chu Ba !!! ??
  5. snuffy

    OKSTATE vs Minnesota MBB
  6. snuffy

    Big 12 bowl games.

  7. snuffy

    Slab leak repair

    Source, I ran line to a 2nd bath that originally had a small hot water heater.
  8. snuffy

    Slab leak repair

    You can safely do it with Pex piping so you do not have to be concerned with freezing.
  9. snuffy

    Okstate MBB vs Ole Miss
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    Big 12 football week 14

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    Watson suspended from team

    Watson's attorney asked for the continuance because witnesses were out of town. That is not surprising considering it is the day before Thanksgiving break.
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    Garrett Accuses Rudolph of Racial Slur

    We have a place for race and politics and a place for sports, they are not the same place.
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    Injured QB thread
  14. snuffy

    Injured QB thread

    Deleted a bunch of posts, if it is up it has been conformed, if you don't see it it is a rumor and we dont post them.
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    Wacky news of the day

    New KY Jelly home delivery service to be called LUber Written by Davywavy A new lube delivery service promises to help you to get wherever you want to go at a moment’s notice. The service, which hopes to achieve ‘significant market penetration’ in short order, launched today offering to slip...