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    Your "Stay at Home" name

    Mushroom Owls
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    Morel Mushrooms

    3/18/20 Carter County 163
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    Morel Mushrooms

    Found these yesterday, east of Ardmore. Did not pick them. Will return Sunday or Monday to reap the bounty. The morel season is early this year.
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    Buckle Up - Oil Markets are in Upheaval

    Or, it could be that they are "banking" on enough sheeple to buy into their propaganda that it becomes a "reality" by the will of the masses. It's not that I am against "green" energy; it is that I believe the only things that are truly sustainable are those that are economically profitable . ...
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    Buckle Up - Oil Markets are in Upheaval

    You are completely ignoring the industrial processes and mining of steel and other minerals necessary for the manufacture of components for "green energy" capture devices. You obsess about carbon neutrality while others take your money (directly and indirectly). It's more about transfer of...
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    Buckle Up - Oil Markets are in Upheaval

    Have a Snickers bar. "Green" is not always green, or black (as in ink). Solar is becoming economically competitive, but wind cannot compete without significant federal subsidies. Many of the corporate profits, meaning U.S. taxpayer dollars, wind up overseas in Italy, Spain, The Netherlands...
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    American Style Democracy vs. Pizza

    Majority Rule is two coyotes and a rabbit voting on what to eat for lunch.
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    Soak the Rich?

    Every time I hear a pandering Socialist say that "the rich should pay more taxes", what I really hear is "soak the middle class", which has been and is the modus operandi for every socialist and communist regime since the beginning of time. From Teresa Heinz Kerry, to Mirnie Bloomsanders, and...
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    What do you ag students learn for 4 years?

    If so, I would have liked to hear him talk about nitrogen use efficiency, the effect of cation exchange capacity on soil fertility, the nitrification cycle, factors affecting the potential nitrogen volatilization losses when using urea fertilizer for a nitrogen source, the use of genetic...
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    Rising Tides?

    Some facts: - it's not about cow farts, it's about eructation (belching): % of Total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from beef cattle = 2.03% (1.8% from eructation) - total of all other agricultural greenhouse gas emissions = 6.6% (+ 2.03% from beef production = 8.63% of greenhouse gas...
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    Silly Picture Thread

    It's Valentine's Day!
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    Try one of the Islay brands. They are already smoky. Lagavulin, Laphroig, Ardbeg, etc.
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    Silly Picture Thread

    If this were real, he'd have a career in politics after football.