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    About These Seeds...

    If you receive unsolicited seeds, please do not plant them. They very well could be harmful, invasive species. You may drop them off at your County OSU Extension Office and the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture will collect them at a later date.
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    Eastern redcedar trees have two, and only two, redeeming qualities: 1- they are NOT resprouters; so, if you cut them below the bottom branch, they do not resprout 2- they make wonderful fish habitat when you sink them in a pond or lake
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    Trade, sell, or upgrade...

    Of all my pistols, hammer-fired and striker-fired alike, only one (Colt Gov't. .380 ACP) has an external safety and it was a gift. Despise them. Even my hammer-fired pistols are all de-cockers.
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    Dexter Manley

    Dunno, but I think the "can't read" label is pretty much spot-on. I broke my ankle on Dexter, playing basketball in the Colvin Center. I came down with a rebound, all my weight on one foot that landed on the top of Dexter's foot. Ankle was big as a grapefruit within 15 seconds. As they took my...
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    Football 2021 LB Collin Oliver Committed to OSU

    It does, but maybe indirectly. If they are smart and stay out of trouble, their shelf-life tends to be longer and they get more opportunities.
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    Football 2021 LB Collin Oliver Committed to OSU

    Apparently, is very well-spoken and seems to have a high degree of intellect and moral character. Combined with his athletic ability, he is a great addition to our Poke family! I wish him all the success in life and football.
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    Trade, sell, or upgrade...

    If this helps any:
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    Trade, sell, or upgrade...

    I meant red dot sight, rather than "fiber optic" sight. I have combo tritium/fiber optic sights on some of my pistols and love them, but don't have any red dot sights. Don't know how they are for CC. I love the size of my Kahrs for CC, but the Hellcat has a similar footprint; same length...
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    Trade, sell, or upgrade...

    I like that they dropped the grip safety from the Hellcat. Like the fiber optic option, but have never had one on a CC pistol.
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    Trade, sell, or upgrade...

    Bought an XDM 9mm for my ex-wife some years ago. Personally, the pistol never moved my barometer. Too boxy and I just don't like the grip safety; another place of ingress for dirt, etc. I am biased, full disclosure, but I have three CZs (75-D PCR, 75-B, and P-10C), all 9mm, a Kahr PM9, a Kahr...
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    Need help getting rid of devil’s spawn (Morning Glories)

    Either tordon or glyphosate ('Roundup') can give good control, but here are the discussion points: - Probably not a "one and done" deal with either herbicide. Will likely take multiple applications for at least one full growing season, maybe more. - Picloram (active ingredient in Tordon) has...
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    For an entry level, price friendly blend, try Sheep Dip. I much prefer it over Monkey Shoulder. Nothing serious, but a decent everyday dram.
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    Your "Stay at Home" name

    Mushroom Owls
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    Morel Mushrooms

    3/18/20 Carter County 163