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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Men's Basketball 2020 SF Cade Cunningham

    I believe so too, but don't county your chickens before they hatch; re: Cunningham.
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    Why are we trying to buy Greenland?

    Blatant racist. For the 100th time, the first person to bring up race, even sarcastically, is typically the racist.
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    A Connecticut Tax Story

    You can't starve a profit into a cow, and you can't tax yourself into prosperity.
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    Any reason to be concerned? NCAA informs some schools of violations

    Their down years had very little correlation to the NCAA penalties (related to ours). It was very much correlated to drugs, weapons, thuggish behavior, a general disdain for rules and graduation rates, and bad coaching hires post-Switzer.
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    Fentanyl giving Meth a run for it's money. China largest global supplier.

    Have endured three spinal surgeries myself. Prior to the third one, they had me on Oxycontin for about a month and I honestly could not tell any difference between it and a Tylenol 3. My experience with livestock (and my personal experiences as well) and sedatives has led me to believe that...
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    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    If you cannot irrigate it, you are going to struggle with the cool-season turfgrasses (fescue, ryegrass, etc.). Our Oklahoma summer heat and drought tend to take them out. St. Augustine (warm-season grass) will tolerate the heat, but also has a high water requirement and is subject to winter...
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    2020 Cowboy Baseball My guess is that it will be 'Latitude 36' or 'Northbridge'.
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    Turkey Season

    Had another friend who was asleep on an absolute monster bird, and missed another bird 3 times!
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    Human Composting

    It was more like a nickel.
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    Human Composting

    Happened to me all the time when I was in college, regardless of where I put my meat. :oops:
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    Human Composting

    Nothing "special". It's pretty much the same as composting anything, but multiplied in scale due to the bulk. In this document, you will see hollow bones after 150 days, but if you really...
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    Human Composting

    You are simply mistaken. Been there, done that, and cattle bones are larger and more total mass than a human skeleton. I am telling you . . . completely gone.
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    Human Composting

    You couldn’t be more wrong. We can compost cattle to where the bones are completely gone in
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    2019 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Does it appear that this kid is a bit more athletic than Cross; good spin moves, better/quicker post moves, quicker first step, and more bounce?