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    Cowboy Basketball vs Syracuse

    Us 55 = 39 Syracuse
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia

    Turn them over on this drive
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia

    Looks like WVU watched our Baylor game
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    Cowboy Basketball vs Western Michigan

    Didn't get to see the game, but looked at the box score and it looks like Kalib Boone didn't play. Anything going on there? Game notes said that all "available" freshmen played?
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    Cowboy Basketball: vs ORU Game Thread

    Not working for me. No big surprise there I guess.
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    Cowboy Basketball: vs ORU Game Thread

    Anyone able to watch on espn+?
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    Places in Tulsa to watch the game this weekend?

    We will be in Tulsa this weekend and are looking for a good, friendly place to watch the game. I believe I saw "Lefty's" listed on the Alumni site. We've never been there so I guess I'm looking for opinions? Or maybe there's a better place?
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    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    As far as Lees coming back, I saw where it's been "reported", but has the school made anything official yet? Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt it, but I haven't heard it officially? Just wondering.
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    Summer Thread #1: What made you love OSU Sports?

    I was born and raised in Stillwater. I suspect that I was given a blood transfusion at birth because it's always been orange.
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    Fencing around duck and mcelroy

    Latest recruiting class.....
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    Big 12 Tournament

    Anyone have an update on the WVU/TT game going on currently? Our game still on for 2pm?
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    I saw this list the other day and was surprised that Leslie O'Neal didn't make the list? I realize that he played in the pre-"ridiculous money" era, but he was a superstar for a decade or better. I couldn't find his career earnings out there anywhere. Just wondering if anyone knew where he came...
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    Gabe Simpson

    I remember (vaguely) Thursday night as "Strip Night" - 79 cent pitchers! If Gabe Simpson can bring that back, I'm voting him in as MVP of both the Basketball and Football teams!
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    Official Game Thread: Liberty Bowl- Missouri vs. Oklahoma State

    What's the weather like there? Looks like they were supposed to have rain? What's the field look like?
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    BE careful what you wish for.

    Agreed. Thanks for this.