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    Help an Old Guy

    Harry was at least my height and i'm 6'. I have no idea what his playing weight was.
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    Big 12 football coach ranking

    Agree, that's why I put OSU over isu.
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    Big 12 football coach ranking

    Really can't answer these questions because it's such a subjective subject. Depends on how you want to weight things. Miles, in my opinion, along with the other new coaches are all tied for last. What they did before they got to their current location isn't relevant. Many a coach that was...
  4. the truth

    15 portals for WVU

    You have no point if we don't know the average across the NCAA D1 FB landscape. We've had some for sure. But most of them have been of the not important type. McClesky was one. But he was just an idiot. His transfer will do him no good.
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    3 Point Line in College moving back

    Wonder what the reason for moving it back is? Is it to challenge college players. Is it to open up the game, spread out the floor? If the players (more players) can't hit the 3 will teams play off even more? College game and pro game have already become 4 guys stand around the 3 point line and...
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    Some Football KO Times Announced

    I'm not a fan of the "high profile" matchups for us. Against an FSU type program (not now, but generally) we aren't going to win those matchups. Now, against a Mississippi St. type program I have no problem. We have no margin for error as a non-blueblood. In regards to being on tv for our...
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    Some Football KO Times Announced

    Oregon St. is bad and I get that. Opening weekend, regardless if they are bad and/or we are bad. It's a P5 matchup, if it was on at 8 eastern, 5 pacific we'd get a whole new clientele to watch the game. Especially east of the Mississippi. It's not hot in Corvalis, no reason not to play at 5...
  8. the truth

    Some Football KO Times Announced

    So I'd like to get some feedback on the 9:30 kickoff with Oregon St. Meaning KO is 10:30 pm for eastern time zone. Which means other than our fans and Oregon St. fans, virtually no one will watch.
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    Back on top

    I expected to see something very different when I opened this thread. Based on the title of the post.
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    New MBB assistant coach hired

    So I assume he's replacing Kontaxis. If so, in your opinion is it because Kontaxis is going to another school, or was he let go for non-performance?
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    OSU Wrestling @ NCAA Championships - Pittsburgh, PA

    I don't think I've accused you of being an idiot. Naive maybe. The HOF has to remain independent to exist. The HOF had/has enough issues with being construed as an OSU institution vs one that is the sport of wrestlings HOF. I can tell you the HOF has enough problems of its own in remaining...
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    OSU Wrestling @ NCAA Championships - Pittsburgh, PA

    A couple of questions. What makes you think the NWHOF can give any money? Second, the NWHOF can't possibly give any money to OSU Wrestling. The NWHOF is an independent non-profit that isn't affiliated with OSU, except that it sits on the edge of OSU and the HOF leases the land from OSU.
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    Oklahoma State Beat the Regular Season SEC Champion in Basketball This Season

    I don't think next season is the make or break year. The season after that is imo. IF all goes well, we'll have at least 4 freshmen who've played pretty significant minutes and acquired some much needed experience. Then, we can add another recruiting class, and see what transpires the next season.
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    Baseball season opener VS UTRGV

    Man do I feel old! Dillion Gardner is Gary's son. Gary was my sons baseball coach at Stillwater HS. After a game one evening Dillion was on the infield grass with the team while Gary was talking to them after a game. Dillion proceeded to take a leak on the infield grass in front of a crowd of...