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  1. the truth

    Chuba's 18 scoring runs....

    Most intelligent comment in this thread. People bitch when they give the ball to CH, then they celebrate when he goes off.
  2. the truth

    As expected, ESPN spin

    I was replying to the texas fan. just pointing out that we had turnovers as well. i'm on your side.
  3. the truth

    As expected, ESPN spin

    So the muffed punts are what your hanging your hat on? OSU threw 2 interceptions, fumbled inside the texas 5 yard line (although recovered by OSU). Each team had its miscues. You can't mention one teams miscues without mentioning the others. You don't get to pick and choose. Tx wanted OSU to...
  4. the truth

    No More Vanilla Offense For Texas!

    Game plan isn't "vanilla" based on just opponents. It's because we have a freshman QB that is limited in what he can absorb and then translate to the field.
  5. the truth

    KTLA: California Law Would Allow College Athletes to Be Paid

    For jumping into a fray they have no business being in for one, imo.
  6. the truth

    KTLA: California Law Would Allow College Athletes to Be Paid

    Serve the state right if all the NCAA member institutions in Cali were declared ineligible for NCAA competition.
  7. the truth

    Uniform Prediction Week 3

    I would rather they where a white helmet as it's a 2:30 game during the heat of September. Which brings up a point, never play a day game in Oklahoma during the first 4 games.
  8. the truth

    ESPN+. How many games?

    Think it's NCAA transfer paperwork issues, potentially.
  9. the truth

    Sunday Morning Coaches - Week #2, Cowboys^2 Edition

    It had nothing to do with ESPN+. I watched the broadcast and every break ESPN had a black screen up with "commercial timeout" after their commercials were done , it's the Cowboy Radio broadcast that caused any delays
  10. the truth

    Uniform Predictions?

    OK guys, I know that. I was just making a funny about the late start. If it's on at 9:30 central and 10:30 eastern the vast majority of the US will be either in bed or on to something else.
  11. the truth

    Uniform Predictions?

    I probably will. What I guess I should have said is that it likely won't be nationally "watched" given the time it starts.
  12. the truth

    Uniform Predictions?

    National TV? Hell, only people watching at that hour are our fans and all 17 Oregon St fan. 9:30 central and 10:30 eastern won't work. I'll be in bed asleep before the kickoff. I'm only partially kidding.
  13. the truth

    PFF Preseason 2019 All-Big 12 Team

    Didn't Zac Robinson do some work for them before he moved on to professional coaching?
  14. the truth

    Heisman Watch: Ranking the Big 12's Top Candidates for 2019

    Based on what I think we see out of our offense I would bet Hubbard has a better chance than Wallace in the B12. Nationally the Clemson QB and/or Alabama QB are the odds on favorites. Both will likely have undefeated seasons to bank on as well.
  15. the truth

    OSU, Tulsa agree to eight-year, home-and-home football series

    I remember several months ago the Tulsa Regional Chamber sent a group to Columbus, Ohio to look at what Columbus has in place and have done recently to enhance their city. Of course attracting business is one of the goals of the Chamber. One of their stated needs after they returned was a 4 year...