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    New Era

    I like the concept of a new era, and I like the comparison to something agricultural. I'm not sure about this particular version however. It's kinda weird.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Buh Bye Edition

    K-State is solid. Their first game (arky state?) was an aberration. Clemson is more solid than any other team in the nation. The only thing that can take them down is covid. I'll go ahead and crown them now as national title winner. OU/TX was a slobberknocker. Agreed each team fought to...
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    ou/Texas outcome?

    Stupid Texas. They had better come back and win this thing
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    53 yr old Wagoner man marries 16 year old

    If there cousins, then they may be fans of Jerry Lee Lewis.
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    SIAP: Illingworth recognized among top true freshmen

    Why would he do this, if he has a great season this year?
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    ou/Texas outcome?

    Texas. Hate the goons more.
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    Which loss was more satisfying

    The goons. Rilley's tantrum at the end was especially satisfying.
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    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    West Virgina TCU OSU Kansas State Iowa State
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    Looking for baseball cap worn by players during 09/26/20 game with WV

    During the game, tv would show some of the players with orange baseball caps. If anybody knows where to find these please give me a shout. I've looked at the university shop site, but couldn't find them.
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    Sunday Morning Coaches - Couch Burning edition

    Petty much agree with everyone, but wanted to comment on the play calling, which deserves an F. I know Illy is a frosh, but the young man is in college, higher learning and all that. There is no reason that the offensive coaches couldn't have taken him, wallace, and the offensive team, and draw...
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    Kansas game time Announced

    They probably figure Les can pull an up set
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    Tulsa Post Game Thread

    Don't want to repeat what others have said, agree with some, disagree with others. But just wanted to mention Bullock. I really feel for this kid. He was thrown into a situation he was not prepared for.
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    Oklahoma State vs Tulsa Score Prediction Thread

    This was my original thought. But going to change it up and say, 56 - 24
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    Billy Donovan and Thunder part ways

    What's the status of the the NCAA violations against Kansas. Would that be a deciding factor if Self leaves or not?