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    If Football Is Cancelled

    This royally sucks.
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    NCAA will permit college athletes to wear patches on their uniforms that promote and support social justice causes.

    Other 18-22 years olds will be however, and now the athletic contest becomes a political or protest rally instead of a sporting event.
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    NCAA will permit college athletes to wear patches on their uniforms that promote and support social justice causes.

    So where does the disclaimer go, that the opinion expressed herein is not that of the school, but solely of the student wearing the uniform. And, if a student athlete gets shot wearing an "All Lives Matter" or "KKK" patch, is the school liable.
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    Move Tulsa or W. Illinois to Aug 29th?

    All in for August 29 game. I'm ready for some college football action. Hell if the goons want to go on the 29th, lets play them.
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    If this is true, why wasn't it mandated months ago?
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    For All Mankind (Apple TV+)

    I signed up too to watch "Greyhound". But then everything else I wanted to watch is an additional subscription fee. Is this free after paying the Apple TV subscription fee?
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    First dog in the US to test positive for Covid dies. It's a long story, but interesting. And heartbreaking.
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    Who’s gonna watch?

    I"ve gotten more into the Johnsonville Cornhole Championships. It's a legit sporting event that keeps my attention until falling asleep.
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    Pentagon to open up about UFO's

    Wright Patterson, Dugway Proving Ground, or Nevada Test and Training Range (Area 51). Any revelations by the government should be taken with a grain of salt. This has a smell of diversion and deflection all over it. Government has a vested interest in keeping secret the technology. Ben Rich ran...
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    Can the division be rectified?

    Far too liberal.
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    Petition Calls For Stillwater's 'Eskimo Joe's' To Change Its Name, Mascot

    It offends me that people are stupid enough to be offended by a Caricature.
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    Playing KU twice (or NDSU)?

    Guess I"m in the camp to just play anybody. Even if its twice or 3 times. I'm ready for some action, different teams, or the same one multiple times, don't care at this point.
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    This is why 2-party politics needs to be permanently terminated.
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    RIP Grant Imahara

    Wait - What?!? How? Edit: Had to go look this up. Reports say brain aneurysm. What a shame.