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  1. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    Tulsa Post Game Thread

    How can you not figure out who your backup QB should be? would have liked to have seen more Illingworth just to see how he performed
  2. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    If Football Is Cancelled

    Let me make it easy for you—if the news agrees with your preconceived notions it’s true. If it challenges your opinions/beliefs/ideology in any way shape or form or if it in any way criticizes your political party and the elected officials/candidates you support, it’s fake news (at least that’s...
  3. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    If Football Is Cancelled

    Trick is if you get a concussion, you don’t give concussions to the folks you come in contact with. Plus, concussions are what they are...viruses mutate and change as they burn through a population. On top of that, we know kinda what concussions do. A new virus is an unknown...think kids...
  4. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    OSU mascot help

    Some kind of 12 gauge I assume..not sure about that though or what make it is
  5. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    OSU mascot help

    I think the last time I got a good look at Pete’s pistol it looked like 357 ruger Blackhawk
  6. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    and Boynton Laughs

    Except the ability to coach....
  7. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    Is Chuba now the Heisman frontrunner?

    I understand now!!!! This is marketing genius!!! Gundy and Chuba set this up!! They saw an opening with Covid 19 and BLM protests...Gundy made the OAN comment knowing it would get attention and that he would probably get swag from them...hopefully a hat or a shirt that he could wear and then...
  8. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    Anybody have an OSU player covid 19 update?

    So while all the “fun” was going on around here, I happened to catch stories about 30 LSU players testing positive and 23 Clemson players turning up hot. the last story I saw about OSU was 3 players with the virus. Anyone know anything different?
  9. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    PFB blog

    Maybe that could be the OSU fan statue model..
  10. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    PFB blog

    Say what you want about pistols firing...they had one dude over there give one of the best comments ever by an OSU fan.... JustBrad June 18 Why do I follow OSU sports? It is much cheaper and less time consuming to have my wife kick me in the balls night after night. Why pay OSU to stomp on my...
  11. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

    Rest well Cowboy! You literally saved OSU athletics in the early 90’s. without a doubt, one of the greatest!!!
  12. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    I honestly worry that he doesn’t want to learn how to find a good bb coach. I’m starting to think he dislikes the men’s basketball program...years ago I heard that was the case and that this dislike for the program goes back to His jealousy/rivalry with Eddie. I’m probably wrong about that...
  13. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    This again.. I don’t expect untalented kids to magically become all stars but I do expect them to move away from the ball and work to at least try and get open. I expect them not to jack dumb shots. I expect them to hold on to the ball and not make dumb decisions. I expect them to hustle and...
  14. Western Oklahoma Cowboy

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    This... I am so perplexed by our backward slide..I’m sorry..this is all on the coaching. I’m concerned even with his great recruits he will struggle. We will have five talented individuals on the floor consistently getting beat by 5 decent players who play as a team and coached to win. My...