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  1. Tillman Cowboy

    Juwan Offray??

    Does anyone know if he is gonna be back with the team or is he done for good?
  2. Tillman Cowboy

    Baseball vs. ASU

    Good guys up 2-0 after 2!
  3. Tillman Cowboy

    Couple More Transfers??

    Scout reporting that Christian Morgan is transferring from Ole Miss and also someone transferring from Missouri.
  4. Tillman Cowboy

    Visitors for Orange Blitz

    Zach Gentry and Ronald Jones are a couple big names that reportedly made it in. Anyone know of any others?
  5. Tillman Cowboy

    Deionte Noel

    247 is predicting us to get him. He is an offensive guard from Cibolo Steele that decommited from Tech.
  6. Tillman Cowboy

    Visitors this weekend? 1-31-14

    Anybody know who we have coming in this weekend?
  7. Tillman Cowboy

    Ivan Thomas

    Is he walking on at OSU?? Scout has a story that makes it look that way!
  8. Tillman Cowboy

    This weekend's Junior Day

    Anyone know who made it in?
  9. Tillman Cowboy

    Tramal Ivy

    What do you guys think about Tramal Ivy being a late addition to the class? Kid looks really impressive on his highlight video on hudl! Looking at his offers I would think he would commit to us if we were to offer... idk though just speculating.
  10. Tillman Cowboy

    Nick Alexander- WR from Lancaster, TX

    He visited us recently. ESPN has him rated pretty highly. Not sure if we have offered him though.
  11. Tillman Cowboy

    James Washington is reporting that he could be our next commit! Says as early as today...
  12. Tillman Cowboy

    Has Ofa Hautau made it to campus?

    Really hoping this guy makes it in. I think he could be a real difference maker!