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  1. matxdad

    Time to sign up for ESPN+ (Big 12 signs media contract w/ ESPN)

    In case you want to try out ESPN+ this weekend...OSU baseball at Kansas
  2. matxdad

    Time to sign up for ESPN+ (Big 12 signs media contract w/ ESPN)

    Article from last summer but .... Is ESPN+ actually worth it?
  3. matxdad

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    The "Places with lots of stuffed animals" and "places willing to employ you" will overlap at a "carnival games".
  4. matxdad

    Texas Tech Med School Eliminating Race in Application Process

    Wonder if the Federal Government will continue to us 8(a) contractors: 8(a) Business Development program The federal government's goal is to award at least five percent of...
  5. matxdad

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    One of the most accurate memes I've seen. Trump may be doing things to MAGA- but hanging on the rim and showing off is a technical foul.
  6. matxdad

    Colorado joins National Popular Vote Compact

    Oklahoma ..... On February 12, 2014, the Oklahoma Senate passed the National Popular Vote bill (SB 906) by a 28–18 margin. The bill was sponsored by Senator Rob Johnson and Representative Don Armes.
  7. matxdad

    Student at Edmond Santa Fe Allegedly Accosted for Wearing Maga Hat "The incident happened during Edmond Santa Fe High School's Double Wolf Dare Week, when students can dress up and go to assemblies as part of a fundraising effort. An...
  8. matxdad

    Dumb/Sometimes LOL Political Pictures

    Quick search for "how Senator McConnell actually acquired his wealth" and looking at the first article is summarized with: "So what happened in 2008? His financial disclosure form tells the story—suddenly there appeared a tax-exempt money market fund, valued at between $5 million and $25...
  9. matxdad

    Bedlam basketball tonight

    49-54 Pokes at the under 12 timeout
  10. matxdad

    Bedlam basketball tonight

    31-37 Pokes at the half
  11. matxdad

    Co del millitary flight cancelled

    Yes. Overall I'd say that we are spending less actual money going out of the government. No travel, no purchases. Government can't obligate any funds that they don't have. However, employees are going to get paid for the work they do - but they are not allowed to do all their normal work -...
  12. matxdad

    America Wants Border Security!

    I recently watched "Border Incident" a 1949 movie about illegal immigration. Here is a copy/paste review from Basically the problem has existed a long long time. "Border Incident" is another film that benefits from the direction of...
  13. matxdad

    City of Stillwater thread

    I know I'm late to the game... but it didn't look like anyone else was playing... so.... Because they had a few ups and downs to work out....
  14. matxdad

    Was It Just Me Or.......

    From what I understand, Baker Mayfield hands the ball off much better.
  15. matxdad

    Do stars really matter? Let's find out.
  16. matxdad

    Do stars really matter? Let's find out.

    While the stars matter, you gotta have heart.
  17. matxdad

    Do stars really matter? Let's find out.

    34 total 4 star players / 10 years = 3.4 per year.
  18. matxdad

    Trump says he is proud to shut down govt for wall funding

    During a shutdown it doesn't shutdown. "Essential" employees are still working - without getting paid on time (although we eventually will). Non-essential employees are sent home without promise of pay - although they always end up with a free vacation. If he "shuts it down" then I'll...
  19. matxdad

    What do you think GIA will look like this year?

    But are they still there after the 7th inning stretch?;)