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  1. oSuAusTex

    Season Ticket (General Admission) deal for 5 Sports!!!

    Was looking at the oSu Baseball twitter, and it has a link to this Ticketmaster website. Deal is for general admission tickets to Women's Soccer, Basketball and Softball. AND same for Wrestling and Baseball. All for total of 100 dollars. Great deal. I had it for last year, only soccer...
  2. oSuAusTex

    SEC ! SEC ! SEC ! (All Burn)

  3. oSuAusTex

    52nd NCAA Champ Banner

    An added plus for attending this Saturday's West Virginia basketball game: Jimmy Gillispie‏ @jgillispie_stw Mar 5 Hey #okstate fans, make sure you’re on time to Saturday’s @OSUMBB game to celebrate this historic moment in @OSUCowboyGolf. The national championship banner will be unveiled before...
  4. oSuAusTex

    Iowa Baseball schedule change

    STILLWATER – Due to a weekend forecast of inclement weather, Oklahoma State has changed the schedule for its series with Iowa at Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. The two teams will open the series with a Friday doubleheader beginning at 1 p.m., with the second game set to begin 30 minutes after the...
  5. oSuAusTex

    ORU Baseball Postponed/New Pics

    As noted in the Wright State thread (Post 104), the ORU game has been postponed due to weather. What I also want to note, the oSu Baseball Twitter has updated pics of the baseball stadium construction (bird's eye view). One pic shows what appears to be a new parking lot??? just east of the...
  6. oSuAusTex

    Wright State Baseball series

    The oSu Baseball twitter states the game Friday scheduled for 4:05pm has been moved up to 2pm due to weather predictions. Also, all three games are FREE admission. Here is twitter link:
  7. oSuAusTex

    NFL: Change stupid OT rule !!!

    The LUCK of a coin flip should not determine the end of a game. I am neither a NE Pat fan nor a KC Chief fan. Just not right that a team wins a coin flip and drives down for a TD (that ends the OT game) The other team should have at least a chance to respond. I actually would love for the...
  8. oSuAusTex

    Houston Game/ 1 Foot of Snow

    Watching the KWTV (OKC Channel 9) weather prediction for this Saturday. Saying the Stillwater area will be getting 12 inches of SNOW. The Houston Cougars game in GIA starts at 3pm. I will be surprised if over 2,000 fans show up. Would not be surprised if the athletic department opens up...
  9. oSuAusTex

    Liberty Bowl Stuff

    Website links with info on Liberty Bowl parade info and New Years Eve on Beale Street in Memphis. oops.......the downtown-memphis 2018 regards 2017 to 2018, not 2018 to 19...