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    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    As far as Lees coming back, I saw where it's been "reported", but has the school made anything official yet? Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt it, but I haven't heard it officially? Just wondering.
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    Summer Thread #1: What made you love OSU Sports?

    I was born and raised in Stillwater. I suspect that I was given a blood transfusion at birth because it's always been orange.
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    Fencing around duck and mcelroy

    Latest recruiting class.....
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    Big 12 Tournament

    Anyone have an update on the WVU/TT game going on currently? Our game still on for 2pm?
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    I saw this list the other day and was surprised that Leslie O'Neal didn't make the list? I realize that he played in the pre-"ridiculous money" era, but he was a superstar for a decade or better. I couldn't find his career earnings out there anywhere. Just wondering if anyone knew where he came...
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    Gabe Simpson

    I remember (vaguely) Thursday night as "Strip Night" - 79 cent pitchers! If Gabe Simpson can bring that back, I'm voting him in as MVP of both the Basketball and Football teams!
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    Official Game Thread: Liberty Bowl- Missouri vs. Oklahoma State

    What's the weather like there? Looks like they were supposed to have rain? What's the field look like?
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    BE careful what you wish for.

    Agreed. Thanks for this.