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  1. SouthTulsaPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    Oh...look who showed up. Hide your women!
  2. SouthTulsaPoke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    As I see it. The #1 seed are the conference champions #2 the conference runner up #3 Texas #4 OSU #5 KSU #6 ISU Here’s why. If you take the four teams tied for third and check each of the four’s records against the other four, then Texas and OSU are both 2-1, and KSU and ISU are 1-2. So, head...
  3. SouthTulsaPoke

    Unranked and zero votes???

    Syracuse is picked 8th in the ACC, and are considered a bubble team at best.
  4. SouthTulsaPoke

    Hurts- a one man show

    Good lord! You don’t need come in here and “show your butt,” for us to understand Sooner Nation is all butt-hurt over some interesting football observations. Pitiful. Just pitiful.
  5. SouthTulsaPoke

    Men's Basketball 2020 F Montreal Pena Signs with OSU

    This is probably an indication that we’re not going to get Thor.
  6. SouthTulsaPoke

    Week 9 Big 12 rankings

    If head-to-head doesn’t count in OSU over ISU, then it doesn’t count in WVU over Kansas. Mountaineers are the cellar dwellers until they prove differently.
  7. SouthTulsaPoke

    Big 12 week 7 power rankings

    And reality finally sets in for Nolaeer and his Mountaineers.
  8. SouthTulsaPoke

    Latest video O'Brate Stadium

    Any bad winter weather and it doesn’t look like they’ll be finished by March. :(
  9. SouthTulsaPoke

    Just what we asked for . . .A QB thread

    Exactly my thoughts. Or a Jerrod Johnson at Texas. SS better keep learning and improving, because Shane Illingworth is coming.
  10. SouthTulsaPoke

    Looking for Cowboy Fans in Central Nebraska

    I wasn’t aware there were more that ten people, total, it Central Nebraska. :whistle:
  11. SouthTulsaPoke

    Offensive Line Status

    Didn’t you see how many pass-pro blocks Chuba whiffed on? Every time I noticed somebody really blowing a block and letting a guy come straight in on Sanders, I would rewind the DVR and see that it was #30. He’s a GREAT runner, but if the wants to go high in the draft, he’d better get better at...
  12. SouthTulsaPoke

    Week 6 Big 12 rankings

    Every post you put on here is “your bad.” Will you move WVU up after your lose to Iowa State, because you lost to a strong team? The Mountaineers will finish in the bottom three.
  13. SouthTulsaPoke


    I'm beginning to wonder if Spencer is even comfortable throwing to the left side of the field, because "Gundy's Basketball Team" are not showing up at all over the last three games. You can't tell me these guys are never getting open. It's got to be a Spencer thing. I'm going to be fully on...
  14. SouthTulsaPoke

    Another Game Against Backup QB

    Jett Duffey won the same post season award that Spencer touts. However, every TT fan I talk to says he is a turn over machine. Plus, we have lots of film on him.
  15. SouthTulsaPoke

    Big 12 week 4 rankings

    Dude...get some CheezWiz in your knickers and lighten up a wee bit. I was talking about your confession about “run-on sentences”. You Robert Allen is famous for? :facepalm:
  16. SouthTulsaPoke

    Big 12 Rankings week 5

    Dude. The purpose of power rankings are to talk about the CURRENT season, not two or three seasons down the road. Take your lumps this season like a man. Quit crowing to other boards, hoping they will acknowledge the validity of your delusions.
  17. SouthTulsaPoke

    Big 12 Rankings week 5

    You need to familiarize yourself with the following charts, which show the SP+ projections for each Big 12 team. If you do, you well learn that WVU is most likely to finish with four or five total wins. Your chances of winning nine or more games are about 1 in 100. Please be careful during your...
  18. SouthTulsaPoke

    Chuba Hubbard and Tylan Wallace

    Maybe they might get the attention of the Mothership in Connecticut and worm their way out of the fifth or sixth round, where they’re now being projected, into the first two rounds.
  19. SouthTulsaPoke

    Big 12 Rankings week 5

    Dumb as a stump.
  20. SouthTulsaPoke

    As expected, ESPN spin

    If you’re going to question anyone’s intellect in writing, you might want to make sure you spell the word “stupidity” correctly. That is all. :innocent: