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  1. Triton Poke

    OSU reviews Hubbard pic

    NCAA looking into the picture of Chuba standing in front of a Bentley at a dealership in Edmonton....fantastic.
  2. Triton Poke

    Soft and plump Big 12 defenses

    I watch this SEC Shorts Youtube channel every week. The latest features ou and the Big 12. After our conference's stellar bowl performances, the truth hurts.
  3. Triton Poke

    What does this mean?

    OrangeVZN? I looked VZN up and it is slang for a smelly panda. Sorry, Gen Xer here, trying to stay up on the lingo.
  4. Triton Poke

    2020 Softball Schedule is brutal

    Is there such a thing as over-doing it with the powerhouses on the schedule? Just to name a few: LSU MIZZOU Alabama Georgia Oregon
  5. Triton Poke

    Wallace #97 and Hubbard #131

    CBS just released a projection of all 7 NFL rounds in 2020 and it has Wallace going in 3rd round at #97 and Hubbard going to Chiefs in 4th round. The WR field is stacked this year, Wallace might go higher if he waits another year, I would think the same for Hubbard. I beleive the NCAA offeres...
  6. Triton Poke

    Bizzaro World OSU season stats

    OSU defense finishes 4th in Big 12. OSU offense finishes 9th in Big 12. I guess scoring 30, 27, 26 and 16 points is not considered an offensive juggernaut.
  7. Triton Poke

    Big 12 Player of the Award Announced

    Chuba just won offensive player of the year in the Big 12. See the complete list at
  8. Triton Poke

    Strange schedule 2020 football.

    We have a game at BPS on the Saturday of Thanksgiving Week in 2020.....against the Longhorns. We play ou on October 24th. When was the last time we played Bedlam outside of November? Here's hoping I get my Christmas wish of Chuba and Tylan staying another year...
  9. Triton Poke

    CBS Sports 2020 NFL Draft

    Has only 3 Big 12 players going in 1st round, none of whom are Tylan Wallace nor Chuba Hubbard. I sure hope these two stay for another year, with the way our defense has come along and a more mature Sanders at QB, we would have to be considered a top contender for the Big 12 title.
  10. Triton Poke

    New back-up

    Costello, out of San Clemente, CA, I am assuming is now the 2nd string QB. What if Brown's hand injury is worse, or gets worse during the game? This young fella will be thrust into the fire of Big 12 play.
  11. Triton Poke


    No one is really talking about this, but Amen O. has become a beast on defense this season.
  12. Triton Poke

    Greg Gold helmet design

    Greg Gold's company designed the throwback helmet for homecoming tomorrow. He said he could only find two pictures of this particular helmet to work from. Can't wait to see what it is, anyone have any ideas? First season was 1901, can't imagine there being more than two photos of that season.
  13. Triton Poke

    RBs and Heisman Trophy

    Listening to MG presser today, a reporter asked him can a running back win the Heisman. I started thinking about it and since 2009 only two RBs have won, all others have been QBs. It does feel like the award has morphed into the top QB award. Not only that, the top QB on a team that is in the...
  14. Triton Poke

    We actually moved up

    Yes, I get it, I am mad too. We could have easily won that game. We were playing the number 12 team on the road, had won 5 in a row in Austin. It was a tall task, but we have a young (but impressive QB), young front 7 on defense, lots of talent at skill positions and we were right there...
  15. Triton Poke

    Gundy and social media

    Post game presser..."do you think I give a rat's ass about social media"....loved it. He called it like it was, can't kick field goals in Big 12 and must execute plays better.
  16. Triton Poke

    Orange Helmet/Phantom Pete

    I personally loved the helmet last night, but according to Scott Wright in the DO, OSU fans "hated" it. He wrote, "the orange chrome came off as having a red tint on television." First off, I don't believe it was the chrome helmet, and I don't know what TV he was watching on, on my tv it was OSU...
  17. Triton Poke

    Help erect the Boone Statue here!

    There is a link here that will take you to the OSU FOundation where you can donate money which will be used to create a bronze statue of Boone for the OSU campus.
  18. Triton Poke

    Greenwood Tennis Center about to get lit?

    Cowboy Tennis just tweeted this and a second tweet states major upgrades coming. What could the upgrades be?
  19. Triton Poke

    Be there Saturday!!! (There is the MBB VS KU)

    I know the 18-19 MBB season has not gone well. However, top forward prospect Isiah Todd will be making his official visit on Saturday against KU. Those of you who are nearby, head out to GIA to make a good impression on Todd. Getting him would be huge, as he is trying to get reclassified from...
  20. Triton Poke

    Desmond Mason stuff

    In case you haven't seen some of his clothing thru '47 brand, here you go.