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  1. OrangeFan69

    Oklahoma State University is not committed to basketball success

    We have not made a Sweet 16 since 2004-05. Annually we're in the bottom clump of teams in the Big 12 with Iowa State and TCU We aren't developing NBA Players - Only Marcus Smart. We aren't hiring established coaches - 1) Travis Ford left/was shown the door to coach in the Saint Louis and...
  2. OrangeFan69

    How is Oklahoma doing as a state?

    I was born in Tulsa and moved out full time in 2004. I have been back for a months (had a mother who was passing away, and worked on a political campaign) at a time, but haven't lived there full time since. I get a skewed view from afar, but I was wondering what the overall happiness level is...
  3. OrangeFan69

    KTLA: California Law Would Allow College Athletes to Be Paid

    Personally, I listened to a great two-sided interview about this on NPR this morning. Personally, I think it's a great thing. Schools should make their money, but if we're talking the likeness of a jersey sale or a video game likeness. It's absurd that the NCAA takes all of that power away...