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  1. OrangeFan69

    Eddie Sutton: Basketball HOF Finalist - 2020 version

    A basketball hall of fame without Eddie Sutton is fraudulent at it's best. And waiting this long, even if he is enshrined, won't forgive it for me. He's flawed, they made their point, he paid the price by waiting and it's gone beyond punitive. I'm no longer interested in their organization.
  2. OrangeFan69

    Fat Broads...........

    Donald J. Trump: You know and ... Unknown: She used to be great. She’s still very beautiful. Trump: I moved on her, actually. You know, she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it. Unknown: Whoa. Trump: I did try and fuck her. She was married. Unknown: That’s huge...
  3. OrangeFan69

    B1G & ACC: Both Support One Time Transfer Rule

    I think it's a good idea.
  4. OrangeFan69

    Fedora To Baylor as OC

    If a coach is looking to be successful, geography isn't a big problem. He was in Oklahoma, not Kazakhstan. UT is a sinking ship and I will gladly make a wager that Yurcich is not the OC at Texas at the beginning of 2021. Feel free to name the stakes.
  5. OrangeFan69

    Eddie film

    As someone who works in independent film, unless ESPN or another Sports Streaming company wants to buy it for distribution, it has a very limited potential audience. It won't be on Hulu, Prime or Netflix. The audience is too small. ESPN's 30 for 30's never got the viewership they needed when...
  6. OrangeFan69

    Fedora To Baylor as OC

    It's been tiring watching our offense underperform the last six seasons.
  7. OrangeFan69

    Fedora To Baylor as OC

    Speculation based on evidence. Mike Yurcich and Sean Gleeson were passive aggressive hires. Fedora was a good OC, Holgorsen was good OC, Monken was a good OC. When they left, they left for better jobs. A good OC doesn't leave a P5 School to be a Quarterback Coach. Also Greg Schiano coached...
  8. OrangeFan69

    Fedora To Baylor as OC

    Considering Larry Fedora's son Dillon played two seasons at Oklahoma State after Larry Fedora left, I would seem the two men respect each other. It seems to me that Mike Gundy would rather feel he is the smartest offensive mind in the room than hire the best available offensive coordinator...
  9. OrangeFan69

    Fedora To Baylor as OC

    So, we could have hired Fedora, and opted for Kasey Dunn? Were other P5 teams looking to hire him as an OC?? I hope it works out, but this seems like a head scratcher. Yurcich was a desperate hire by Texas and I will bet money he isn't the OC next season, because either he got fired or the...
  10. OrangeFan69

    BTW.....Myles Garrett is a despicable lying human being!

    Garrett lost his mind, but Rudolph lost his mind when he: 1) As a QB charged a defensive linemen 2) Charged a defensive linemen while he wasn't wearing a helmet 3) Charged a defensive linemen while he wasn't wearing a helmet and was swinging Rudolph's helmet. I love Rudolph, thought he was a...
  11. OrangeFan69

    What OSU Basketball means to you...

    I remember my first OSU game as a student. It was January 1998 an early Saturday morning game against Texas A&M. It was pre expansion GIA, and A&M was relatively new to the Big 12 and weren't used to that level of crowd noise. We got up to a quick start, Aggies coach Melvin Watkins called...
  12. OrangeFan69

    Oklahoma State University is not committed to basketball success

    Fun fact: Liking Terry Don Phillips doesn't mean you have to dislike the Mike Holder It's not an either/or kind of thing. They both brought different skills to the table. Not everything is a zero/sum game.
  13. OrangeFan69

    Oklahoma State University is not committed to basketball success

    We have not made a Sweet 16 since 2004-05. Annually we're in the bottom clump of teams in the Big 12 with Iowa State and TCU We aren't developing NBA Players - Only Marcus Smart. We aren't hiring established coaches - 1) Travis Ford left/was shown the door to coach in the Saint Louis and...
  14. OrangeFan69

    Cocaine Mitch back at it again!

    A censure is documented disapproval. Congress can make their voice heard. Basically a historical entry, but no it wouldn't remove anyone. Impeachment never meant removal, but without the effort to remove, I'm not sure what the point of impeachment was. With the way the Senate was stacked and...
  15. OrangeFan69

    Democratic Iowa Caucus: "An fing disaster"

    Pete had 43k votes, Bernie had 45k votes, Pete is getting exactly 1 more pledged delegate than Bernie, in a race to secure 1990 delegates. I wish your enthusiasm for regurgitating conservative media talking points was near your enthusiasm for arithmetic. Please tell me you understand the...
  16. OrangeFan69

    Cocaine Mitch back at it again!

    She's a Democrat who doesn't get caught up in being a Democrat.
  17. OrangeFan69

    Cocaine Mitch back at it again!

    Simple math told me the impeachment should have never happened. What should have happened was a censure. Which is what Tulsi Gabbard proposed and Democrats completely ignored.
  18. OrangeFan69

    Cocaine Mitch back at it again!

    Merrick Garland was the prosecutor for the Oklahoma City bombing case, which was his most high profile case as a federal prosecutor. Obama put him up for a Supreme Court justice in 2016 after Scalia passed away. McConnell delayed confirmation until the 2016 presidential election and then went...
  19. OrangeFan69

    The Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    I've never heard criticisms of Snopes, I don't trust them blindly, but following up on cited references shows where someone can make that leap that the Sanders-Iran meme maker made. It's difficult to find news without any implicit or explicit bias;