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  1. sportsfan89

    Cowgirls Softball: midweek clash/Cowgirls invitational

    Another perfect 5-0 weekend for our Cowgirls to extend the win streak to 11. The offense exploded for 55 runs. i like it that the lineup top to bottom is coming around. Febrey...she is crushing the ball this week with 4 homers. Naomi is proving to be a deadly lead off hitter. Defense is...
  2. sportsfan89

    Cowgirls Softball: Mizuno Classic

    I should wait till the new rankings comes out. Just can’t stand the wait. After a successful 5-0 weekend...Cowgirls improve their record to 13-5. The highlight of the weekend was the 5-4 victory over No. 10 Oregon in 9 Innings. Lots of plays to choose from for the top play of the game. Chelsea...
  3. sportsfan89

    Cowgirls Softball: OSU/Tulsa Invitational Edition

    Cowgirls 8-5 is coming coming home for their first of three invitational hosted in our own turf. Let’s support these young ladies. 4 of 5 games will be on ESPN+. in my Larry Reece interpretation ***ATTENTION COWBOY FANS*** SEASON HOME OPENER IS SAMANTHA SHOW BOBBLEHEAD DOLL NIGHT FEB. 28th...
  4. sportsfan89

    Cowgirls Softball: Blazer Classic Edition

    what a great week our Cowgirls had by going 4-1(should have been 5-0). All 5 opponents made it to regionals last yr. Two of the 4 wins were teams that did make the WCWS. Great showing by these young ladies. This week in the Blazer Classic in Birmingham, Al doesn’t get any easier with a 4 game...
  5. sportsfan89

    14 Cowgirls Tennis upset 11 Pepperdine

    Don’t know nothing bout tennis except hitting a ball over a net and try to force the other person miss or screw up. i want to recognize their accomplishmen.
  6. sportsfan89

    Kelly Maxwell Big 12 pitcher of the week.

    She earn the Big XII pitcher of the week honor for her perfect game. congrats to Ms. Kelly
  7. sportsfan89

    St. Pete/Clearwater Ellie Invitational...Cowgirls Softball

    Cowgirls will be in Florida this upcoming weekend starting on Thursday Feb. 13th. They will play 6 games in four days. Feb 13th vs Virginia Tech at 9 will be on ACC network Extend out the rankings, Va Tech started in 27th. They are coming in with a 4-1. Could be rank this week. Vs...
  8. sportsfan89

    2020 Cowgirls Softball

    Just a few weeks until season starts and our beloved Cowgirls are highly rank in two polls. D1 softball rankings to start the season at No. 12 Flosoftball has us at No.9 on top of that...back-to-back sellout season tickets. Love the direction that Coach G is leading this program.
  9. sportsfan89

    Brutal stretch for both b-ball squads...

    After watching our men’s team won last night...I went and look what’s coming up for them. Ole Miss 5-1 Georgetown 4-2 Wichita St. 6-1 @Houston 3-2 Minnesota 3-3 (@ Tulsa) Then we play a SE Louisiana before we start Big XII play. This could be a defining moment for the good guys. As for our...
  10. sportsfan89

    Oklahoma St Football made Fox News

    Was recognize for the uniforms we wore this past Saturday. Robin Ventura and a Lt Dan Rooney who has a father a professor at OSU was on the show. Want to pass it along.
  11. sportsfan89

    Kyle Junior

    A friend text me to say junior and another person have been removed from team. If true does anyone know why?
  12. sportsfan89

    Season opener football party

    Still over a month away before season starts. I was curious if Orange Power gonna hold a football party for the season opener?
  13. sportsfan89

    Westbrook’s heading to Houston

    And we are getting Chris Paul and draft picks
  14. sportsfan89

    Paul George traded to Clippers?

    Just heard that George is heading to Clippers alongside Leonard. In return, they just said a record setting draft choices.
  15. sportsfan89

    Sinclaire Johnson Wins National Title

    Johnson set the NCAA Outdoor Championships' meet record in a time of 4:05.98 in the 1500m. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
  16. sportsfan89

    OSU Softball 21-run outburst over Baylor

    Our ladies was crushing the ball today scoring 6 in the 3rd, 8 in the 4th and 7 in the 5tf to cruise to a 21-2 victory.
  17. sportsfan89

    OSU Diamond Dolls

    In softball, our lovely ladies improved their record 9-3 with a pair of wins today. First one was an upset win over No. 13 Arizona St 3-1 and then held off North Carolina 7-5 They have two games tomorrow against San Diego St and the No. 14 Arizona in a tournament in Palm Springs, California.