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  1. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Big 12 MEGATHREAD. Quarterfinals: #8 Cowboys vs #1 Jayhawks (ESPN/ESPN2 @1:30PM)

    Megathread for the Big 12 tournament. Go to Page 6 for start of Quarter finals discussions. We’re in game four slated at 1:30PM to face the #1 team in the nation Kanas Jawhawks. HCMB: is now 8-11 since starting 0-8. Pokes have a 4 game winning streak with a overall record of 18-14. Iowa State...
  2. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Cowboys DOMINATES Texas 81-59 FINAL BIG 12 RANKINGS. Pokes face the Cyclones in Tournament on WEDNESDAY

    Coach Mike is now 7-10 in conference since that 0-8 stretch. 8-11, if you include the win against Texas A&M. Catch the highlights. FINAL BIG 12 STANDINGS #1. KU (28-3, 17-1 BIG12) #2. BU (26-4, 15-3 BIG12) #3. UO (19-12, 9-9 BIG12) #4. UT (19-12, 9-9 BIG12) #5. TTU (18-13, 9-9 BIG12) #6...
  3. NinjaPoke

    MBB: OSU defeats KSU 69-63. LAST GAME @Texas LONGHORNS on Saturday

    Take a Bloody victory over a clean Loss! Catch the highlights. HCMB: 6-9 down the stretch (7-10 if you include BIG12/SEC) to improve to 6-11 in conference. Last game of the season is SATURDAY against a Texas team who has won 5 in a row. Longhorns are fighting for a chance to get in the NCAA.
  4. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Pokes handily defeats the Cyclones 73-61. HCMB: 5-8 down the stretch. Still a chance to make NCAA. KSU on Wednesday

    Great afternoon for the Cowboys. Check out the highlights.
  5. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    Learn from your mistakes, don’t start 0-8 in conference, remember this demoralizing loss, and more importantly, GO POKES. That’s all you can say to the young guys after this loss.
  6. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Cowboys WIN 83-66 Against the Oklahoma Sooners. HCMB 4-6 last 6 games. Next up #1 KU on Monday

    Catch the Bedlam BEATDOWN. Brought to you by the Oklahoma State Cowboys. POST GAME PRESSOR TOP 4 CLASSIC BEDLAM VIDEOS #4. At Norman. 2016-2017. Phil Forte the 3rd shows his namesake by shooting a dagger 3 to win the game. #3. Same season. Sooners get SWEPT...
  7. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Cowboys fall against WVU. Next up BEDLAM this Saturday.

    ...time to prove that our wins have been simply because the better team won. GO POKES beat the Mountaineers! Here’s what happened last time Cowboys were in WVU
  8. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Big12 Zebras Defeat the Cowboys 70-78 (OSU was down 2 with 30sec to BU) Next up KSU on Tuesday

    POST GAME THREAD. Pokes lost to the Bears 70-78. Pokes were down 2 points with under a minute left to play. Questionable calls from Refs all day; despite this, the Pokes kept up with the #1 team. This is as close to a moral victory as you can get...
  9. NinjaPoke

    MBB: POST GAME Cowboys dial in their First Conference Win Against TCU 72-57. Next up #1 BAYLOR

    Cowboys got the W against TCU. Check out the highlights. Next up #1 Baylor @ Waco, Texas. Post Game Presser
  10. NinjaPoke

    MBB: BEDLAM Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma Sooners (ABC @2PM TOMMORROW)

    BEDLAM Basketball beings tomorrow afternoon in Norman. Sooners are 13-7, 3-4 in Big 12. Their great wins come from: Mississippi State, Missouri, Oregon State and Minnesota. All time series 86-68, favoring the goons. Pokes have won 4 of the last 7. Currently HCMB is 4 and 7 against the goons. Go...
  11. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Oklahoma State Cowboys vs #3 Kansas Jayhawks (ESPN2 8PM GIA BIG MONDAY)

    Jayhawks visits the JAYHAWK Killer Oklahoma State Cowboys! Jayhawks are 16-3 overall with heartbreaking loses to Villanova and Duke (by a combined score of 3 points). Kansas is 5-1 in conference play, with their only lost going to #1 Baylor. This Kansas Squad is very good, but that has NEVER...
  12. NinjaPoke

    MBB: “This is Where We Turn it Around” Cowboys Snaps 6 game losing streak with a Win against TexasA&M

    Texas A&M hosts Cowboys tomorrow afternoon in College Station. We all know our record; however, let’s take a peak at our former Big 12 foe. Aggies are 3-3 in conference, 9-8 overall currently 9th (out of 14) in their conference. HCMB has few words the fans.
  13. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Oklahoma State Cowboys @ Iowa State Cyclones (ESPN+ TONIGHT 7PM)

    Iowa State Cyclones (1-4 Big 12, 8-9 overall) hosts the Pokes (0-5, 9-8) tonight in Ames. Current Big 12 Standings for Week 6 of conference plays. Pokes have 14 games left in the regular season, with Texas A&M this Saturday in College Station for the Big12/SEC Challenge. 1. Baylor (15-1, 5-0)...
  14. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Oklahoma State vs. #2 Baylor Bears (ESPN2 11AM GIA)

  15. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Texas Longhorns (ESPN+ GIA 7PM TONIGHT)

    Longhorns (11-4 overall, 1-2 Big 12) come into town to face the Cowboys (9-6, 0-3) tonight in GIA at 7PM. Longhorns resumé are akin to our own. They have 3 great power 5 wins OOC with Purdue from the Big 10, California in the PAC 12, and Texas A&M, our former conference foe. Longhorns have lost...
  16. NinjaPoke

    MBB: Oklahoma State Cowboys @ TCU Horned Frogs (ESPN2 @1PM)

    Cowboys (0-2 in Big 12, 9-5 overall) face the Horned Frogs (2-0 Big 12, 11-3 overall) in Fort Worth tomorrow afternoon. Pokes are having quite the rough patch over the last two games having lost by a combined scored of 49 points. TCU on the other hand have won two squeakers against our fellow...
  17. NinjaPoke

    Oklahoma State Cowboys vs #16 West Virginia Mountaineers (ESPN2 @8PM)

    Cowboys(9-4) host the #16 Nolaeers (11-2) tonight @ 8PM. Had a rough start in our Big 12 opener (something Boynton and Gundy share in common) against Taco Tech, but I believe the boys will bounce back tonight. Go pokes! Mountaineers are looking mighty strong this season with wins against...
  18. NinjaPoke

    Road ends here. Go Pokes beat UO

    I can not believe it...I really can't. Refs allowed UO to get that first down even though TCU clearly stopped them. I do not understand. Baylor couldn't do it, TCU got's time to send in the Cowboys. GO POKES BEAT UO Current Big 12 Standings as of Saturday, November 23rd after...