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  1. Pistolp


    7 layer dip.....
  2. Pistolp

    Dru Brown Signs

    I missed this earlier in all the coronavirus hubub: Dru Brown signed with the Winnepeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. Congrats to him; glad he was a Cowboy. Link to article in the DO: Dru Brown signs
  3. Pistolp


    There are always reruns: OSU/OU Football 2011
  4. Pistolp

    NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships

    A little perspective CDC: Coronavirus US burden Updated March 13, 8:00 AM EDT Confirmed 1,762 Fatal 41 Recovered 31 CDC: 2019-2020 Flu (estimated) Cases: 34-49 million Deaths: 20-52,000 The vast majority of deaths in China were elderly folks, most with pre-existing conditions. Most all of...
  5. Pistolp

    MBB: Pokes handily defeats the Cyclones 73-61. HCMB: 5-8 down the stretch. Still a chance to make NCAA. KSU on Wednesday

    Didn't see the broadcast - is King McClure 12 years old or something? How could he qualify as a color commentator for an OSU game and not know about one of the best players in the teams history?
  6. Pistolp

    Baseball vs Little Rock

    Shirt hop out of the dirt. Was not sure what you meant and Googled it. Got it now.
  7. Pistolp

    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    I'm thinking we would need to win at least 2, probably 3 more regular season games AND finish at least 3rd in the Big 12 tourney to make the dance. Wouldn't that do it? Of course that's a very tall order.
  8. Pistolp

    Cowgirls Softball: OSU/Tulsa Invitational Edition

    Cowgirl softball is 8-5 going against a lot of tough, highly ranked competition. Not the preseason of most other sports - and I like that. Hopefully they can make some hay against a little less stiff competition in this tourney.
  9. Pistolp

    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    A few weeks ago I would have said no chance; now, I don't think they will win but they do have a chance. Go Pokes - pull it off!
  10. Pistolp

    14 Cowgirls Tennis upset 11 Pepperdine

    Taking nothing away from the Cowgirls - but Cowboy tennis, ranked in the 30's, just upset #4 ranked Michigan as well. Tennis program making some noise.
  11. Pistolp

    Cowgirls Softball: Blazer Classic Edition

    OSU pitcher has a wild streak in the top of the 7th. Hits 2 batters and walks another to load the bases with one out. Ole Miss ends up scoring 4 runs to go up 8-3 going to the bottom of the 7th.
  12. Pistolp

    Cowgirls Softball: Blazer Classic Edition

    Ole Miss scores 3 runs in the top of the 5th to take the lead. Bottom of the 5th, Cowgirls down by one run, 3-4.
  13. Pistolp

    First time in Cowboy Country

    ...and it's a few doors down from the Hideaway.:rolleyes:
  14. Pistolp

    Corn Dog should see some action today.

    They went in to the game saying both QB's would see playing time. Not sure he was necessarily benched for his play.
  15. Pistolp

    First time in Cowboy Country

    If you have enough time and are a Pistol Pete fan, take a 15 minute drive South on 177 to Perkins, OK to see the Frank Eaton home and museum. Check the website for times it is open - it used to be free. Also, the Frank Eaton grave site is in the cemetery nearby. The Eaton family gave another...
  16. Pistolp

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    Like the thread title change - but I think just about every coach in the NCAA is in "wait & see mode"....
  17. Pistolp

    Thanks Coach Boynton for putting in such hard work!!

    I don't know that it will happen, but it certainly looks possible based on the last few games - whereas a few weeks ago it would have been a pipe dream....
  18. Pistolp

    Oklahoma State University is not committed to basketball success

    Not "baiting", not arguing - just a point to ponder. Why would OSU have spent the huge amount of money to remodel and expand GIA if they did not intend to be successful in basketball? I think it was evident that wrestling success alone wouldn't carry the $$ load. I guess you could fault some of...
  19. Pistolp

    OSU Basketball Program: Historic Prospective

    Not sure I will.
  20. Pistolp

    Who has the best degree and makes the most money?

    Annnnd how much is THAT going to cost me?