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    It's not video games, racism, or's family

    Have you not been paying attention? The house has passed bills that do make a good effort to help fix the problem. But it is only a start. Those bills need to be brought to the floor of the Senate. Moscow Mitch needs to allow a vote. There will be a bigger amount of pressure on his party(a...
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    It's not video games, racism, or's family

    Very good post and I am sure you are sincere. But your reaction on Saturday in another thread was that you were sick as hell of the immediate response to shootings being tied to the race of the shooter and second to the victims. You said the media was EXCITED about San Barnardino when the word...
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    El Paso mall shooting

    I'm sick as hell continually reading stuff from people who cite scripture and make excuses for the national nightmare that is the "Hater in Chief" and also "Cadet Bone-Spur". The cowards who support him are just as racist as he is. Shifting discussion to the media ignores the fact that many of...