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    Week 6 Big 12 rankings

    Texas Tech was missing; - Starting QB - 2nd string QB - Starting All-Conference RG - Starting All-Conference SS - Starting CB left in the 2Q - Starting NB left in the 3Q - Starting SAM LB left in the 4Q It's basically been a triage unit for a new coach with brand new schemes on both sides of...
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    Week 6 Big 12 rankings

    No, you're not forgiven. You slammed Texas Tech while they're riddled with injuries and never once mentioned the fact that they're on their 4th string QB for the 2nd straight year. Injuries are the sole reason they've lost games over the last few years and if you're not willing to talk about...
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    Week 6 Big 12 rankings

    Was talking specifically to the OP, who rubbed Texas Tech's loss last week in pretty good over here saying that "Texas Tech was done, won't win another game this season".
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    Week 6 Big 12 rankings

    Last week you said "stick a fork in Texas Tech they're done, they won't win another game this season".
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    Big 12 Rankings week 5

    Maybe you should pick a different sport because you're mindlessly clueless about football.
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    Another Game Against Backup QB

    I think you put any team in a new offense and take away QB1 & QB2 and they're going to struggle. I think even OU takes a major step back if Hurts and Mordecai were to go down. UT takes a big step back if their down to their 3rd string QB. Duffey isn't good but I don't think he's terrible...
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    Big 12 week 4 rankings

    Just to make sure I follow your logic(using this word loosely). TT shouldn't have fired KK because he lost his 2 top qbs to injury but Wells is now leading TT to be the "new Kansas" while missing his top 2 qbs* to injury? *2nd string QB coming out of spring camp was Maverick McIvor but he...
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    Super Regional Game 3

    QUOTE="edmondcowboy, post: 3940949, member: 4432"]They play the post season at home every year. Not easy to win there. Especially when you have to adjust to a completely different playing surface than what you are used to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Didn't Tech sweep in Reynolds...