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  1. ksupoke

    Need help getting rid of devil’s spawn (Morning Glories)

    I’m desperate, last year, in my copious amount of free time, I dug up 4 root balls in a 50 foot area on the side of my driveway. That seems to be holding, this year I’ve got about a 200 ft run that is starting to strangle my Italian cypress’. I’ve tried boiling water, 100% vinegar solution...
  2. ksupoke

    You say you don't believe in miracles, well I have a story to share

    Instead of replying to all the emails I am going to do this once and put it here it is also a message of hope & faith that I want to share. First I want to apologize to those whom I haven’t responded to, to those I normally send a Christmas gift to, you also have my sincere apologies, Napa was...