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    NCAA will permit college athletes to wear patches on their uniforms that promote and support social justice causes. The NCAA will permit college athletes to wear patches on their uniforms that promote and support social justice causes. As approved by the NCAA’s Playing Rules...
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    BLM Street Mural in Tulsa Being Removed

    Well, this is interesting.
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    Paging Nolaeer!!!! The school announced Koenning's departure by mutual agreement, which athletic director Shane Lyons said in a statement Wednesday was ''in the best interest of our football program.'' Coach Neal...
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    Can't Make It Up: OU Now Wants to Play Opener EARLIER "According to the Oklahoman, the Sooners have petitioned the NCAA to move up their Sept. 5 game against Missouri State to Aug. 29. FCS-level Missouri State is, per the report...
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    Stanford Cuts 11 of 36 Varsity Sports Had a thread about COVID & sports, but it got moved to the political board by great moderation. Sooo, back to that topic, in a sports thread nonetheless, if Stanford's slashing...
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    Party's Over In Seattle
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    Garth Announces National Drive In Theater Concert "We can have families jump in the car, come out on Saturday night and it's pretty cool," Brooks said of the June 27 show. Tickets for the gig go on sale on June 19 and they'll cost $100 per...
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    NCAA Board Passes NIL After decades of digging in, battling in court, launching advertising campaigns or just shaking their collective head “no,” the NCAA’s Board of Governors has agreed to provide its athletes the...
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    Intersectionality: This Time It's You, Michael Moore "A new Michael Moore-produced documentary that takes aim at the supposed hypocrisy of the green movement is “dangerous, misleading and destructive” and should be removed from public viewing, according to an...
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    Harry Cheatwood Passes

    So sad to see this. What a great guy he was & what a great family. He'll be dearly missed.
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    Smollett's Suit Dismissed

    I guess I'd forgotten they refilled charges on him. A grand jury in February re-indicted Smollet on charges he staged a hate crime. Special prosecutor Dan Webb pushed for the charges after Smollett’s...
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    Nova Scotia Shooting

    What a crazy story, wow. "The fact that this individual had a uniform and a police car at his disposal certainly speaks to it not being a...
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    Ohio Reopening May 1 "He says they will start with companies that can follow state guidelines and ensure the safety of employees and customers. He commented that the workplace "is going to be different,"...
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    Andrea Bocelli Easter Performance Man, get me the Kleenexes!
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    Stimulus Money-Got It?

    Just curious about when people are seeing their stimulus $$ show up. 2 friends of mine already have it.
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    NCAA Athletics Post-COVID Interesting story on how power brokers throughout college athletics see the impact of the virus. Will there be a football season? If not, will it lead to the formation of superconferences? How does a school...
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    Tom Brady's "Privelege" Just leaving this here.... “I never saw race,” Brady said. “I think sports transcends race. It transcends wealth. It transcends all that. You get to know and...
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    Space Force on Netflix Just saw this & can't wait for it! Steve Carrell, Lisa Kudrow & Jon Malkovich-great cast!
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    Post-COVID 19 Predictions

    Thought it might be interesting to see what everyone's thoughts are on the lasting impacts of this period in our lives. In other words, what new things will be born out of this? New social norms, etc... What will we NOT be doing anymore? What effects will this have on our healthcare system...
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    FDA Pulling Zantac