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  1. ablomination

    2020 Fall Camp thread

    It's the next evolution of the spread offense. We're going 6 wide this year!
  2. ablomination

    OSU fan survey

    I ran through it pretty quickly, but I think your defensive breakout was missing a potential breakout player in #0 - Christian Holmes
  3. ablomination


    Just anecdotally I had covid early July. Very mild. I’m early 40s and healthy. No underlying issues. No meds. Got over it quickly. But about a week in I developed chest pains. Haven’t gone away. Getting blood work done this week. Likely mri coming. It’s incredibly unnerving. Best of luck to...
  4. ablomination

    Herp Derp The WVU thread of delusion.

    I'm not sure delusional....fully encapsulates the magnitude of idiocy. A brave new world indeed!
  5. ablomination


    Half joking here. It's just an interesting anecdote. Find another country where the highest paid government employee is a sports coach.
  6. ablomination


    Fun fact....In 40 states, coaches are the highest paid public officials. What a country! Talk about socialism!
  7. ablomination

    The Memorial

    Have it on in the background, but loved watching douchambo just fall apart on one hole. Complain about not being able to hit a ball from the other side of the fence and post a 10, playing himself out of the cut. All because he wouldn't lay up to get back on the fairway.
  8. ablomination

    Seating Capacity

    I'm putting my odds of college football in the fall at around 20% right now. Too many vectors...nevermind the fact that these are unpaid athletes. Just trying to face the realities of an abysmal 2020.....Sorry for the debbie downer.
  9. ablomination

    Who Wins a Major First

    I don't follow golf a ton and I don't personally play, but from what I've seen lately Hovland seems like the most likely candidate.
  10. ablomination

    Rocket Mortgage Classic - Golf

    Has Wollf taken over rocking the orange on Sundays?
  11. ablomination

    Rocket Mortgage Classic - Golf

    Wolff is on fire today. Hovland in a good spot for tomorrow.
  12. ablomination

    Chuba on First Take

    You're assuming there will be a season.
  13. ablomination

    Football 2021 General Recruiting thread

    Did we ever get a report on who gundy was referring to in his tweet(s)
  14. ablomination

    2020 SG Rondel Walker Signs with OSU

    I'm really liking the guys that Boynton draws into the program. All seem like really high character intellectual dudes. Hoping the trend continues.
  15. ablomination

    2020 MBB General Recruiting Thread

    Is there something buried in the CARES Act the lets you turn that into a grant?
  16. ablomination

    MBB: OSU defeats KSU 69-63. LAST GAME @Texas LONGHORNS on Saturday

    Finished the season strong. Would love to see a little NIT run for the seniors and underclassmen both.
  17. ablomination

    MBB: OSU defeats KSU 69-63. LAST GAME @Texas LONGHORNS on Saturday

    What is the crowd chanting occasionally? "We want..."?
  18. ablomination

    Corn Dog should see some action today.

    Are there any other pokes in the xfl?