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  1. OSUgradndad85

    Allowable Stadium Attire?

    Silence earthlings!!
  2. OSUgradndad85

    gamedays in Stillwater 2020

    Excellent!! Just tell me when and where!!
  3. OSUgradndad85

    Future of college sports question

    I’ll put it this way. I still very much enjoy the social interaction of tailgating and watching the games with other fans and alumni, however, I also fully recognize the direction this sport is going and figure I’ll recognize that “tipping point” when I see it. Unfortunately I sense that may be...
  4. OSUgradndad85

    Now the question is how many fans get in

    I can see them doing 50%
  5. OSUgradndad85

    Can't Make It Up: OU Now Wants to Play Opener EARLIER

    I believe in the end they get 3 games in 5 weeks, and the chance to spread things out a bit more early on
  6. OSUgradndad85

    RIP John Blake

    Seemed like a really nice man who unfortunately has a HC record that overshadows his many gifts and accomplishments. RIP young man.
  7. OSUgradndad85


    Spike 80DF? Agent Orange?
  8. OSUgradndad85

    forget about blocked PATs and FGs

    Is this some kind of effort to reduce injuries? If yes, then WHAT injuries are they trying to reduce? Snapper? Kicker? Holder? Seems to me there’s a better chance of the Tulsa World providing decent coverage of OSU sports than one of those three getting more than a sore body part.
  9. OSUgradndad85


    I can top that. Follow the exact recipe you just posted, except spread the other side of each bread slice with very softened butter, then grill it like a grilled cheese.
  10. OSUgradndad85

    Stillwater "A Trip Down Memory Lane"

    Interesting, thanks for the info
  11. OSUgradndad85

    Stillwater "A Trip Down Memory Lane"

    Wall was easily one of my favorites. What is now in location of Mason Jar?
  12. OSUgradndad85

    Ticket Office e-mail to season ticket holders...

    Ticket rep told me the other day you can roll cost of ticket(s) and donation over to 2021 season as a potential option.
  13. OSUgradndad85

    a real chance

    Okay by me. Easier access to the concessions and head. Might make for a strange "wave", but sacrifices must be made.
  14. OSUgradndad85

    Brisket Burgers

    2/3 ground chuck eye (or short rib) mixed with 1/3 ground brisket. Gently mix in with a light amount of Cavender’s Greek Seasoning, lightly form into patties, grill to MR, then thank me later.
  15. OSUgradndad85

    Inviting Former Players Back

    Not just recruiting, I question whether Gundy is "all in" with this program in its entirety, "and all that implies" (for you Urban Cowboy junkies).
  16. OSUgradndad85

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing Baker Mayfield flounder professionally

    I don't doubt his will to overcome, succeed, win, etc., and for that will I respect him. His chosen method of handling himself to try and achieve those things, well, that's a different story entirely.
  17. OSUgradndad85

    a real chance

    I'm optimistic, but I've been through enough seasons to have long ago stopped holding my breath
  18. OSUgradndad85

    Mount Rushmore of OSU Coaches

    Iba Roderick Ward Holder
  19. OSUgradndad85

    Eddie film

    Basically I thought it was a good documentary about a man, husband, father, friend, and coach who had had his share of faults that too many idiots in this world seemed to want to focus on as a way to somehow “punish” him.