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    2020 election thread

    People ARE quiet about voting for Trump, whether you believe it or not. Last election, I listened to friends talk about crying all night long after Hillary lost, co-workers wearing safety pins because Trump was going to round up LGBT / transgender folks after he won. People were furious and...
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    Investigators find mass grave in Tulsa connected to 1921 Race Riots

    Shocking to find graves in a cemetery! Unless this is a different area, there was an article in the last couple of days that said the area they are searching was once a pauper's area of the cemetery with most likely unmarked graves or wooden markers that had deteriorated. There were two marked...
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    Bucket List

    A hint on visiting national park battlefields that I wish someone had clued me into a long time ago: hire a private guide. They are really good a gauging your knowledge off the bat and tailoring the experience to your needs.
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    Ticket Office e-mail to season ticket holders...

    My refunds came separately, but within a week of each other.
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    Bartlesville had a nursing home that was hit hard.
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    2020 election thread

    Got an absentee ballot arranged for a relative who is in assisted living. In Oklahoma, I had to print the request, have her sign it and deliver it in person, with my signature stating that I was her representative (they may have permitted her to mail it to them, not sure). The Election...
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    And remember that since school districts decided to tie the in person / virtual decision to cases her 100K, they will have to delay returning to in person even more.
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    Athletic financial cuts

    The nine with no pay cuts could also be minimum wage employees that they couldn't cut. Or they may have had a lower level threshhold where they weren't cutting anyone making less than a certain amount.
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    I'm looking at the Oklahoma report. It just seems like a huge disparity. Especially with a lot of the country getting hit early that Oklahoma.
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    Is there some type of massive problem with the national reporting? Oklahoma active cases vs all cases is sitting at 14.65%, but nationally actives are 59.72% of the total.
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    Ticket Office e-mail to season ticket holders...

    I selected the roll over to next year early on, and the ticket office called and said that they were doing refunds anyway because of the reduced capacity. I had my refund in a few days.
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    Coronavirus pandemic non-socio-political discussions

    Could someone explain "bradykinin" and "bradykinin storm" at a third grade reading level?
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    And if you are in a job where you have to go without pay for two weeks its a huge issue. If kids can't go to school because of false positives, it's a huge issue. And if colleges have to go 100% online, it's a huge issue.
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    This Sherri Coale thing....

    And vanilla is black, or maybe dark brown.
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    2020 election thread

    And don't forget that when Trump has sent in assistance, he has been lambasted for it by the locals.
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    2020 election thread

    The NCAA endorsing Biden?
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    Ticket Office e-mail to season ticket holders...

    I feel for them--they have increased costs (with testing and medical expenses) and severely reduced revenue. There are no good answers.
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    Gun Mag Ruling Spoiler Alert: Gun rights upheld...

    There was a question earlier in this thread about silencers--my understanding is that they reduce recoil and that is why most "normal" people want them.
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    Petition Calls For Stillwater's 'Eskimo Joe's' To Change Its Name, Mascot

    I think a local organization could fill this void and support the same causes. If all of the time and effort from the Stillwater community gets poured into it and money stays local, it would be just as effective as working under the Coaches vs. Cancer organization.
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    New clear bag policy

    my experience is that the clear bag is for purse type things only and they still let you bring in blankets, extra coats and stuff the pockets of the coat with gloves and hats. I've never had them search a coat whether I was wearing it or not.