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    This is Our Time

    Probably cause it's Wednesday and they usually drop on Thursday?
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    Post Game Thread WVU edition

    I just want to say that #2 is a kangaroo. I've never seen anything else jump like that in stride.
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    How is OSU football gonna work...

    Are you being intentionally ignorant about how this virus affects young people or are you fear mongering? What is your angle?
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    How is OSU football gonna work...

    What is it with your fascination with South Korea?
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    Now the question is how many fans get in

    How many tests were done on the ROK? How about in OK in the same time period? Trend data last two weeks? Are they the same tests? I am just trying to make sense of your data...
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    Road ends here. Go Pokes beat UO

    Not sure about angels, but every time they've had success, murders and rapes have been suppressed by the university.
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    Road ends here. Go Pokes beat UO

    Are you unfamiliar with their history?
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    Road ends here. Go Pokes beat UO

    Yeah they are good. I'm just concerned about which teammate will get murdered or which coed will get raped for their success...
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    Road ends here. Go Pokes beat UO

    You really nailed it on this one...
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    Cowboy Basketball vs Western Michigan

    Having same issue.
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    PFB - There’s not a single wrestler in the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

    No Chuck Norris. No Garth. No Theusen, Hale, or Magee. This is a hall of lies.