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  1. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboy Basketball (9-4, 3-4): With Cade and Walker out, Baylor Defeats the Pokes. Next up ISU on MONDAY

    I was proud of the team today. The battled their butts off. I am extremely impressed with Baylor. I anticipate a Baylor-Gonzaga final this March. Those two teams are several notches above anyone else I’ve seen. But I’m excited about our future after today as this was basically next year’s team...
  2. MustangPokeFan

    2020-21 Wrestling Duals Thread

    Premium content, not free!
  3. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboy Basketball BEDLAM Edition has been POSTPONED. Next up #2 Baylor NEXT Saturday (Jan 23rd)

    When are the women playing again? They’re pretty darn entertaining this year!
  4. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboy Basketball (9-3) takes down the #6 Kansas Jayhawks. OSU IS GOOD! BEDLAM on Saturday

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  5. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboy Basketball (9-3) takes down the #6 Kansas Jayhawks. OSU IS GOOD! BEDLAM on Saturday

    I have not enjoyed watching an OSU team play this much since the last time we had a set of twins on the team!
  6. MustangPokeFan

    Final Ranking?

    NCAA FB Polls, Rankings - MSN Sports
  7. MustangPokeFan

    2020-21 Wrestling Duals Thread

    Calling Malcomb Rodriguez, Mr. Rodriguez please report to the wrestling room!
  8. MustangPokeFan

    Final Ranking?

    AP - 20 Coaches - 21 CFP - 21
  9. MustangPokeFan

    Final Ranking?

    Here's the Sporting News projected beginning ranking for us next year: 15. Oklahoma State The Cowboys are in their usual spot, but Mike Gundy should have another productive offense around quarterback Spencer Sanders, who closed the season strong in the Cheez-It Bowl. Offensive lineman Josh...
  10. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboys (8-3) WIN 74-50 in Manhattan against KSU. Pokes are 2-3 in Big 12. #6 Kansas on TUESDAY

    We literally should be 10-1 and could be undefeated. The TCU and WVU losses were inexcusable. Tough lessons on what happens if you don’t know how to use clock and protect a lead. There’s no team we can’t beat if we take care of business.
  11. MustangPokeFan

    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    I’m not ready to throw Kasey Dunn under the bus. His only year as Offensive Coordinator he loses nearly the entire two-deep on the O-Line, he has to coach through a Pandemic with no Spring Practice and deal with coaching players during all the Chuba BLM crap. In many ways considering the...
  12. MustangPokeFan

    Well? Now what?

    Makes no sense.......hmmmm, this guy dressed in BLM gear with a BLM tattoo at a BLM rally in June in Arizona and yesterday dressed as a Trump supporter in the Capital and the long haired guy next to him with a hammer and sickle tat on the back of his hand suggest at least some of the crowd who...
  13. MustangPokeFan

    VOTE! Election thread

    Get ready for the Supreme Court to get packed with leftists Get ready for the Energy Industry to be destroyed Get ready for China to have unprecedented control of our country Get ready for a Socialist/Communist agenda to be implemented Get ready for a mysterious Biden death and President Ho to...
  14. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboy Basketball: #14 WVU beats the Pokes (7-3) in a heartbreaking 19 point lead drop. KSU on SATURDAY*

    Inexcusable mental collapse. This game was over with a 19 point lead. Get the darn ball to Ice every single trip up the floor. Stop the sloppy play and get to the bucket. Burn some clock each trip while you’re at it!
  15. MustangPokeFan

    Good story on Rudolph

    I thought Mason looked poised and in command today. He put some long passes right on the money. The one interception was bad but overall, he looked good. He’s going to be the starter one day and not in the too distant future!
  16. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboys (7-2) WIN 82-77 OT against #13 Texas Tech. Next up #9 WVU in GIA MONDAY

    Huge confidence boosting win! With Kaleb and Cade on the bench the team rose to the task and beat the number 13 team in the country on the road! They need to build off of this by beating West Virginia Monday night at home. This could really take the lid off and give them the confidence to start...
  17. MustangPokeFan

    Cowboys (7-2) WIN 82-77 OT against #13 Texas Tech. Next up #9 WVU in GIA MONDAY

    I waited for a long time and finally subscribe to ESPN+. It’s worth it for $49 a year. Quite a bit of OSU stuff on there. There’s some pretty good other material on there. If you like MMA there’s a ton on there and they’ve got some good documentaries and specials. If you subscribe check out the...
  18. MustangPokeFan

    UT's Tom Herman Fired
  19. MustangPokeFan

    Football Players Coming Back in 2021

    If we could recruit some of those unknowns back next year we could be pretty stout. Stoner has already said he's done and owes us nothing after all he's given to the team but I would literally do a backflip at 63 years old if it would mean I could watch him play for our team one more year!
  20. MustangPokeFan

    Official Game Thread: Cheez-It Bowl- Oklahoma State vs. Miami (FL)

    Yes which means he should wrestle heavyweight for us the rest of this spring.....