2019 Glow in the Park

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Territorial Marshal
Aug 11, 2011
It's that time of year. The Glow in the Park 5k that benefits Stillwater Life Services, our local crisis pregnancy center. Below is a link to their fundraising page. If you'd like to sign up as a runner/walker there is a link on this page. If you'd like to donate you can pick a random runner, or if you feel inclined you can Private Message me and I'll give you the name of my son who is running.

Thank you for any support given.


Stillwater Life Services
Stillwater Life Services is a Crisis Pregnancy and Sexual Health Resource Clinic, providing STD/STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, options counseling for women and men experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, and sexual health programs. We also provide limited OB ultrasounds, mentoring programs, and peer-counseling on issues such as relationships, self-esteem and healthy life choices. We are a steadfastly life-affirming organization that does not refer or provide for abortion, but we consider it our calling to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for any and all who find themselves in need of our services. We offer up-to-date education, accurate information, and material assistance. Regardless of the circumstances or choices that our clients make, they all receive compassionate help, unconditional love, and our own stories of hope.

Every contribution to the Glow in the Park 5k assist us with our mission to offer hope and healing to women, men and their families so they are enabled to make positive, life-affirming choices. Each runner/walker and sponsor is an essential partner to this ministry and we are incredibly grateful for every one of you!