2020 Cowboy Baseball

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Apr 7, 2006
Staggering the suspensions seems a bit odd. What exactly are they saying by that? "This is serious- but not serious enough to lose 2 early season games over it" About the most Baylor thing I've heard in a while.
Nov 14, 2010
D1Baseball released their Oklahoma State preview today. I'm not a subscriber but I did see they are projecting Polcovich at 2B, Thompson at 3B, and Osmond & Campbell as the #2 and #3 starters. With this set up, I really really like our bullpen.

Any news on the health of Tucker Elliott, Zach Cable, and Ben Leeper? I thought I had read somewhere that they were held out of the fall games vs Arkansas and Vandy due to some arm soreness or something. I hope all 3 are rested and good to go.
A while back I mentioned a big tall left handed hitter that could really hit.

His name is Justin Campbell

I said it was Blake Robertson but I had them mixed up.

I wanted to clear that up

From a a position player perspective this team is really, really good. The best Josh has had

The staff is talented but the Saturday and Sunday starters are unproven

Leeper, Standlee, Sifrit, CJ etc....should make for a really deep pen including a shut down closer.

#2 and #3 starters are the only questions coming into the season in my opinion.


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Aug 26, 2009
Must buy. I'm getting twitchy, its time for baseball to be back.

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TJ Maxx in Stillwater had a bunch of those on sale for like $5 a month or so ago.
Damn that's a good deal. I'll have to stop in next time I'm in town and see if they're still there. Thanks for the heads up.

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