3M Open

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Aug 14, 2005
If anybody watched the Golf Central pregame, OSU just got a million dollars worth of promo in that show. Interviews with Britton and the assistant coach, lots of pictures and video of Wolff and Victor in college, and of Wolff and Morikawa competing. Great stuff.


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Jun 18, 2008
Dallas, TX
Would give you more "ups" if I could. Very few people in the world I cannot stand. That teabag is tops
I hope he and Pat Reed get caught cheating on their wives with dudes surrounded by mountains of cocaine.

Drives me insane that Dechambeau is trying to game the system using equipment.
Aug 14, 2005
Yeah, his eagle celebration on 18 was short lived after Wolff drained it from off the damn green.
And DeChambeaux had a little tantrum like a 6 year old when that eagle putt went in, too. All caught on camera. It was sweet.

There was a piece of me that wanted Morikawa’s eagle putt to go in, too. That playoff would have been so historic.
Oct 25, 2009
Twin Falls, ID
I thought Dechambeau was throwing a fit too, but he was walking away so he didnt have to watch Matts putt. He asked if it went in and someone said it did, and he was just like "oh well." He actually acted quite classy after Wolff made the putt. I have tons of respect for Dechambeau and enjoy watching him play. He has his own quirky swing, putting style, etc. I like seeing guys win who dont have the "model swing". Just goes to show that you need to find your swing and own it and repeat it over and over. There have been guys with unorthodox swings win on Tour many times. And now we've had another. I think Matt is going to be a PGA superstar. And Viktor is right there with him.