B1G & ACC: Both Support One Time Transfer Rule

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Nov 27, 2007
I’m a fan. It’s absolutely stupid that they have an arbitrary process in which a player summits an appeal based on their situation and the NCAA determines if you get penalized or not. Furthermore, a coach can bring a guy in and leave at a drop of a hat without penalty and the kids that came to play in their system is forced to take whatever system is brought in, whether it fits their talents or not.

The problem is that this opens all players to be recruited all the time. Even while on a roster. Could you imagine if UT or Baylor was able to sit there and recruit Glass once Chuba came back. It would be very difficult to police tampering... Also when a coach takes a new job, what stops him from trying to bring a couple playmakers with him, leaving the program without a coach and top playmakers. What if a DB shows up big at a school like TCU his sophomore year and then transfers into a place like LSU to compete for a championship and try to boost draft grade.

Overall I’m for player empowerment but this has the potential to massively benefit the top tier programs at the expense of other programs.