Bedlam Wrestling - Stillwater Edition - Sunday @ 1pm on ESPNU

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Jun 18, 2008
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Found some time! We should all have a conversation as a country about how awful DC is. I mean... walking around and looking at the buildings is fine... but selling to people in this town in an election year... good lord, folks. I need prayers.

In the first meeting, OSU defeated OU 23-9. Not a ton of bonus points scored or very much separation. OU picked up wins at 141, 157, and 174... Some things are different this time around. I would expect 133, 157, 174, and 197 to be toss ups this time around. OU is a clear favorite at 141.

Bedlam Wrestling Round 2 - Sunday, 2/16/20 @ 1pm - Gallagher-Iba Arena

125: #4 Nick Piccininni (Sr) vs Christian Moody (Sr)
- previous result: Picc by MD 14-3
- I don't think that Moody has scored a takedown on Picc since 2017. He's just completely overmatched here. Fully expect Picc to take this one to the next level and pick up the TF.
- Picc by Technical Fall

5-0 Pokes

133: #18 Reece Witcraft (Fr) vs #15 Anthony Madrigal (So)
- previous result: Witcraft by Dec 6-5
- This one was pretty tight the first time around, but mostly because Witcraft did that thing where he got up early and let Madrigal come back. Witcraft is really coming on the last few weeks... if he can keep that consistency, fully expect him to pick up a decision here.
- Reece by Dec

8-0 Pokes

141: #19 Dusty Hone (Jr) vs #7 Dom Demas (So)
- previous result: Demas by Dec 6-4
- Hone can keep it close... but I think he is outclassed by Demas. There's a possibility for some GIA magic in this one though, especially if Hone can keep Demas from getting any upper body ties like he did in Norman. Keep it close and you'll have a chance.
- Demas by Dec

8-3 Pokes

149: #6 Boo Lewallen (Jr) vs Jacob Butler (Fr)
- previous result: Boo by MD 12-4
- Boo has been working those arm bar tilts and getting pretty slick from top... fully expect him to finish the fall in the last home match of the season.
- Boo by fall

14-3 Pokes

157: #18 Wyatt Sheets (So) vs #22 Justin Thomas (Jr)
- previous result: Thomas by Dec 5-3
- Quickly becoming a tale of two seasons for both of these guys. Thomas is the defending Big 12 champ, but has hit a bit of a rough patch lately... The part-time OSU fan cannot stand Wyatt Sheets, for some reason, who has been on a great run lately with solid wins since the ISU dual. This could be a very difficult match for both guys. The matchup isn't awesome for either... but in this instance, it's typically safe to go with the hot wrestler at home.
- Sheets by dec.

17-3 Pokes

165: #9 Wittlake (Fr) vs Elijah Johnson (Fr)
- previous result: Wittlake by Dec 3-2 over Sam Dover.
- Wittlake has only improved since this previous matchup with Dover. He's been scoring bonus points at a great clip. Displaying very solid, very competent skill against who he is wrestling... I'm still very skeptical about how Wittlake will do in March, and am excited to see him against Marinelli. In this one... would like to see him go for a quick fall or first period tech. That would be nice.
- Wittlake by MD.

21-3 Pokes

174: #11 Joe (Sr) vs #12 Anthony Mantanona (So)
- previous result. Mantanona by Dec in SV OT over Andrew Shomers.
- Andrew Shomers weighted in at 164 and took Mantanona to OT... leading me to strongly feel that Mantanona is overrated and that Joe will pick up a sluggish win by regular decision.
- Joe by Dec.

24-3 Pokes

184: #16 Taco (Fr) vs Darrien Roberts (Fr)
- previous result: Taco by MD 13-5
- Same song different chorus. Taco should be looking to take this one to the next level and win by TF or fall. I'll pick a major until I see the pin.
- Taco by MD.

28-3 Pokes

197: #11 Dakota Geer (Jr) vs #15 Jake Woodley (So)
- previous result: Geer by Dec 4-2.
- These guys are VERY evenly matched. Geer needs a pick up after being upset in Laramie last week (not that surprising... somebody was going to get upset in that dual. Always will against Branch's teams.) Neither guy is necessarily lighting the world on fire... but both are very solid wrestlers. I'll go with the guy at home that beat the guy in their house.
- Geer by Dec

31-3 Pokes

Hwt: Austin Harris -or- Cornelius Putnam -or- Brock Martin vs Josiah Jones (Fr)
- previous result: Austin Harris by Dec 6-2
- We pencil this weight in as a loss at almost every dual, but our severely underweight heavyweight in Austin Harris picked up a very solid decision win over Jones in their first meeting. Would fully expect to see anybody we throw out there do the same. Might be a perfect opportunity to debut Brock Martin, who I'm hearing is far and away the most talented heavyweight in the room right now... but he's not in shape to go a full 7 minutes. If he's as good as they say, he would probably get a first period throw leading to a pin against Jones. Would be SO AWESOME to see Martin get his debut this weekend, sit him against Iowa while he continues to up his conditioning, and then throw him out there at Big 12s to see if he could earn a qualifying spot for NCAAs.
- Harris/Putnam by Dec... Martin by Fall.

34/37 - 3 Pokes


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This one was pretty tight the first time around, but mostly because Witcraft did that thing where he got up early and let Madrigal come back. Witcraft is really coming on the last few weeks... if he can keep that consistency, fully expect him to pick up a decision here.
What I've noticed about Witcraft, since I said he needed to lose the lateral drop and you said he needed to quit reaching back he has done neither and has been wrestling much better. Can't think he actually reads message boards so it is more likely that someone in the wrestling room smacked him upside the head and said, "you're not in high school any more sonny."