Big 12 Coaches Fashion

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Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
A lot has been said about Gundy tucking in his hoodie last week. It even got some attention and good (might have been sarcastic. Don't know) plug by the ISU game announcers with the cowboy belt and slacks and the ultra cool Pete logo.

Watching the other coaches around the league and most of them are kinda casual with nothing standing out in particular. Gary Patterson wears a purple or black golf shirt. Herman wears a white polo. Riley -- don't know. Don't care. KSU -- polo. ISU - untucked hoodie.

But the real standouts (and I don't mean that in a Zoolander type of way) are Miles and Rhule, the Milli Vanilli of Big 12 fashion.
Miles and Rhule dress like they're always prepared to get a pie thrown at them or ready to midwife a newborn something.

Rhule is the worst however. He looks like his mentally challenged wife has a sewing maching and a Butterick pattern that she really likes and some leftover maternity fabric that prevents lactation from seeping through.

WTH is that thing he wears?

Apparently, he likes to add the Bill Belichick Collection (at Sears) touch of color and style with the contrasting hoodie underneath.
He's certainly not as menacing as Bill, but I suppose instead of the menacing look, it's more of the annoying confusion look as other coaches wonder what little known country inspired it. Certainly not this one.....or anyone that doesn't offer large, corporate food services.

So, I'm going to give Gundy a pass on tucking in his hoodie as long as Miles and Rhule are leading the Big 12 in fashion disasters.

I'll let myself out.


Federal Marshal
Nov 27, 2004
Edmond Oklahoma
I don't know if Patterson still does, but for the longest time always wore those black short sleeve mock turtle neck shirts. Those are awful. He always reminded me of Dr. Beeper on Caddyshack.