Big XII Media Days

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Sep 29, 2011
Breckenridge, CO
With the transfer portal, I think we will see coaches keep their depth chart very close to the chest unless the transfer rules change. I don't blame them either... However, I do blame the reporters for not asking more interesting questions, even if the coaches will likely duck them. At least ask. To me, that is a reporter's job. For example, Lil'Jordan Humphrey went pro and left a big void at receiver. Texas has an army of receivers that might play in his spot. Not a single reporter asked Herman about replacing Humphrey. Instead, we got Hoover's 10th "culture vs win now" question that was essentially answered the same way 10 times.
so, you're suggesting that Brown is the projected starter? (since he can't transfer at this point, that would only leave Sanders for the sit for another year portal).

The transfer rules have not essentially changed, and the portal has little to do with a QB battle - the end result of "transfer" could be the same with or without the "portal".
You’d argue with a fence post

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And win 2 out of 3.

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Darth Ryno

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Jul 26, 2004
Tishomingo, OK
Coming into the thread late. Jeff (Johnson) can also tell you (we played golf with him, had lunch, etc back in his second year in Stillwater as the HC)... he's extremely scatter brained. He doesn't operate like anyone I've been around. He lost his keys on the golf course, then later lost his wallet for lunch. He drove a Jeep Cherokee and it was completely trashed. I couldn't even get in the front seat.

All that said, I haven't been around a coach as sharp as him with the game. He can tell you what play to call when the defense as a NG at the B gap and secondary is in cover 2, all in over .05 seconds. It's insane how brilliant he is as a coach.
Did that trick actually work?

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Feb 15, 2017
Well the 4 game redshirt rule changed things as well since guys can get the year back after losing an extended battle. Look at guys like Kelly Bryant And Jalen Hurtts from last year.
True, but that’s Red shirt rules, not the Portal. Portal only changed how kids/schools contact each other
Feb 27, 2018
From Guerin Emig...

Will there ever be a time the Big 12 Conference gets out of its own way?

Commissioner Bob Bowlsby spent last Monday morning peeling off reasons his league has never been more robust. OU’s College Football Playoff appearance... Texas Tech’s Final Four run... Baylor’s women’s basketball championship... The $38.8 million per-school distribution last fiscal year.

Not bad.

So Big 12 officials coordinator Greg Burks opened Tuesday’s Media Days proceedings, took any momentum Bowlsby was able to generate... and ran it straight into the AT&T Stadium ground.