Bob Fenimore and Les Miles Tables

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Jan 8, 2012
My wife is pregnant so we're cleaning out the man cave to make a nursery.

I have two OSU tables. They're about 32 inches in diameter and roughly 28 inches tall.

The first one has a picture of Les Miles on it. The second has Bob Fenimore and one of his teammates from the 1945 NCAA championship team.

They both have a slight yellow tint to them, but are otherwise in perfect shape. The backstory I was told when I bought them was they were originally intended to go in the O-Club, but when they came out OSU wasn't happy with them because of the color, so the manufactures had to redo them. When they did some of the guys that worked there decided to sell the misprints.

You probably won't find these anywhere else.

Asking $125 each